Whenever you see a video of an old Japanese lady eating a bowl full of worms, there’s always an overwhelming scowl on your face. What the hell is she eating? But have you taken some time to look around your own kitchen? Research has shown that most of the foods we eat every day are toxic to the human body, and perhaps catastrophic when eaten in large amounts.
Here are 10 most common foods you eat every day that are actually poisonous.

There’s always been a lot of controversy surrounding tomatoes, including whether they are vegetables or fruits. And, of course, there is the issue of whether it’s to-may-toes or to-mah-toes. But let’s switch to a rather more nutritional capacity. The leaves and stems of tomatoes, especially the green unripe ones, are known to contain extreme alkaline poisons that can cause serious stomach upsets. Though tomatoes are good flavor additives, it’s important to let them cook well to suppress the poison.

Potatoes are perhaps the most common tubers known to mankind, and even though potato poisoning is rare, it is in fact possible. Naturally, potatoes contain glycoalkaloid, a poisonous chemical that can cause body weakness, diarrhea, headaches, stomach cramps and sometimes a coma. When left for too long, the glycoalkaloid builds up greatly and the potatoes turn green. Several cases of death have been reported as a result of eating the green potatoes and drinking potato leaf tea.
If you have seen an old traditional woman preparing cassava, then you know that they are not just your average potatoes. Cassava leaves and roots are highly rich in cyanide and if consumed heavily can cause death. Cassava has grown quite famous in Africa over the recent years, perhaps due to its juice used to make Piwarry. The drink is quite nutritious but if prepared haphazardly can cause serious health complications to the victim

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Mushrooms are delicious, there’s no denying that. But if you’ve heard of toadstools, then you probably know that they are highly poisonous. And now the biggest shock on this is that toadstools are a type of mushrooms. In fact, there so many types of mushrooms that most people fail to distinguish the edible ones from the lethal ones. Research shows that 95% of mushrooms in the world are, in fact, toxic. Even worse, some of the poisonous mushrooms look almost exactly like the edible ones. The Death Cap, one of the most noxious mushrooms in the world, rightfully earned its name after claiming the life of a Roman Emperor.
Fruit seeds
Fruits seeds are perhaps the most innocent part of a fruit, and we often fall into the trap. Almost everybody has swallowed fruit seeds at some point in their life, either accidentally or intentionally, and a common myth often smeared on kids is that the seeds will grow into full trees while in the stomach. If this were true, the world would be full of walking trees. Anyway, fruit seeds are highly rich in hydrogen cyanide and if consumed in large amounts can cause severe stomach agitation and in extreme cases, death.
Tuna fish

Fish, especially Tuna, tend to accumulate heavy deposits of mercury on their bodies. Mercury is a heavy and poisonous metal and once it gets into your bloodstream, it may eventually find its way into your brain and most likely, you’ll go mad. Of course, I’m not implying that you should never take Tuna. They are delicious! But it’s important to regulate your daily intake. Pregnant women and young kids should, however, refrain from eating tuna completely.
Raw honey

I’ve heard people strongly claiming that honey is in actuality, bee poop, and I can’t help but think they are right. But, well, I wouldn’t know. What I do know is that raw honey contains grayanotoxin, a poisonous chemical that is often associated with sweating, dizziness, fever, and nausea. Once you harvest honey, it’s imperative to give it some time to allow for pasteurization so as to snuff out the toxins

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Kidney beans
Uncooked beans are a bad idea. Precisely, kidney beans, which largely contain lectin enzymes, can lead to kidney poisoning and sometimes kidney failure if not cooked well. The lectin in the beans needs to be extremely suppressed with heat. So if you’re an impatient cook, maybe you should pass on this one

Cherries are well known for their sharp red color, flavor and of course, the fact that they are sweet. But, just like apples, their pits are rich in cyanide and if eaten carelessly, they can cause breathing problems and vomiting. The good news is that the body has its own way of dealing with indigestible matter and so the pits will most likely get egested without actual digestion happening to them. But this is not a reason to continue eating them.
Raw Cashew nuts
Nuts are most common among men because, you know, they cause some extra growth down there, or at least so I’ve heard. But raw cashews contain a poisonous compound natural called Urushiol, which is also present in poison Ivy. The poison, once ingested, can cause an itchy skin and other allergic reactions in the body. Sometimes, when consumed in large amounts, the effects can be fatal leading to death. So the next time you read the label on those cashews on the supermarket shelf saying that they are raw, just shout the word “LIAR!” and walk out with a bold chest.

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