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7 Legit Reasons You Should Seriously Consider Dating a Short Guy

Height is one of the most used qualities by women to gauge genetic superiority in men. From childhood, women are compelled to go for taller men; it has something to do with the “Men should offer a sense of security” cliché. But in reality, it has more to do with maintaining the status quo and […]

10 Things you Should Never Say About Yourself on the First Date

First dates are awkward, especially if you’re not used to the idea of romantic evenings in public dinners. Chances are, as you start to know each other, there will be short episodes of weird silences and naturally, you will feel the need to fill those empty flashes with some jokes or extra information about yourself […]

10 Realistic Relationship Goals you Actually Want in 2018

Tender pedicures, romantic showers, matching outfits, naps in the car during road trips – today there’s just so much to do with your partner. I spend a lot of my time online, and so I see tons of #RelationshipGoals memes floating around the web. Some are crazily cute, some are desperately exaggerated and some are […]