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Think about it. I see a lot of people in the gym who must take steroids. But it is illegal? I am not sure? I know that a lot of other people take other drugs of choice. Would you date someone who uses these drugs? If it were legal, would you consider it? Do you think steroid use would affect your relationship? Please tell me what you think about the above questions, how you would feel, and any personal experiences with this

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Anabolics are, unfortunately on the rise worldwide among younger men. It’s now considered a shortcut to looking good vice performance enhancement.

There are numerous health risks involved with steroid use. Skin problems, thyroid, cardiovascular/blood pressure, cholesterol, and liver damage being some of the more common. Long-term use (or abuse as the case may be) have resulted in organ damage. Psychiatric problems include depression, mood swings, “roid rage” (aggression) and other more severe addiction-related behaviors. Stunted bone development has been observed in teenage users, as well.

As far as sexual performance; Increased sex drive coupled with decreased sexual performance have been reported. Shrunken testicles lowered sperm count and breast enlargement has also been documented.

Legal issues; some countries prohibit the availability of commercial grade steroids restricting them to medical use only. Other counties have no restrictions and they are freely available for legal consumption regardless of delivery (oral or by injection). You’d need to research the laws in your country of residence. There are many different types of steroids on the (black) market and some may be legal while others are not.

Dating; You’d need to determine whether your potential date is on a strict regiment (not abusing), what his (or her) motivations are for using, what manner the steroids are being delivered to the system (increased risk of dirty needles, HIV, hep, etc.) and whether or not long-term health is involved (having children, peeing into a bag by the time he’s fifty, weight gain once he stops using/working out, etc.).

These are my thoughts on this so don’t take what I’ve posted as gospel, however, you probably should take a a good hard look at the lifestyle and thought process/motivations of someone who is involved with their bodies to this degree before dating them for other than casual reasons. You may find your date more concerned with his looks than with you

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