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My boyfriend and I have been together for four years. We are both in our thirties.
We have a caring and fulfilling relationship, except when it comes to sex. If he had his way, he could make love twice a day, seven days a week.
I know some women might be saying, what are you complaining about, but the fact is, I just can’t keep up.

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Some people use sex as a way to not deal with other things. It can become an addiction. Some people may just have a huge sexual drive.

Whatever it is for your boyfriend, it isn’t the same for you. All that you can do then is set boundaries with what feels comfortable for you. If this causes too much distress, then going for some couple’s therapy may be an option.

I encourage you to discuss with your boyfriend how this makes you feel, both as a loving partner and as a sexual being. Each woman is unique in her sexual tastes, levels of desire and patterns for sexual expression. For you, it seems that this former area of delight has become a serious burden.

One way to quell this pressure is to offer to help pleasure him, perhaps with your hand while you rest beside him. Or insist that this is too much for you and encourage him to masturbate more frequently. Let him know that your asking him to take care of his sexual drive is NOT a rejection; rather, that it is natural and normal for men to need more sex than their partner is ready for and that this is a good way to relieve that urge.

Finally, you might want to take a natural supplement to increase your desire. Check out Virility Max for Women from Herbal Sensations. That could give you the extra boost that you need to stay on fire with him.

If he continues to pressure you, even if it’s done with a smile and sweet ways, you must find the courage to divert his constant requests. If not, eventually you will probably shut down and lose interest. That’s the worst way to handle this problem, which should be rather easy to deal with through resolve, caring, and negotiation.

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