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I have this really bad habit that is so hard to kick.  When my husband is away, the cat in me will play … with his cell phone.  I see him sending text messages all the time, and granted I do too, but I know who I am messaging.  I don’t always know who he is in touch with.  And sometimes it is awkward to ask, because it seems like I don’t trust him or something like that.  And besides, I know if he questioned me, I would likely be irritated.  It’s a client?  WTF?  It’s probably his tone – or maybe it’s my religious upbringing that causes me to feel guilty all the time, even if I’m not doing anything to feel guilty for!  So anyway, I have in the past found messages in his phone that made me think “what the hell is this?” and then when I check the number, it’s his cousin.  Oh.

It doesn’t help that my husband’s phone book is a huge mess.  He has numbers under names that don’t make any sense, or just letters, and he says it is because he saves numbers while he is driving and he doesn’t go back to clean it up.  I should believe that because he sure as hell doesn’t clean up after himself in the kitchen.  I mean, dirty socks on the kitchen counter?

So do I just ignore it or do I ask him about it and confess I was snooping, what do I do?!

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There is nothing worse than a suspicious woman trawling through your phone lol
Fire up the Quattro…………….

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There is nothing worse than a suspicious woman trawling through your phone. Fire up the Quattro. ..

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