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I think flirting is harmless.  I’m just venting my opinions here and wondering what you all think.

On a scale of 1 to 10, I would say that my guy is a 3 when it comes to flirting with other women.  It happens, but it’s very seldom because my guy is kinda dumb when it comes to women and flirting.  I have to point out when women are being flirtatious with him and he acts all dumb like, “What?  No!”  If you want your relationship to last the test of time, you just have to have fun with it.  The other day, I had a problem at the grocery store and the manager gave me a $20 gift card.  When I came home, my partner asked me how I rigged that.  I told him I had a conversation with the check-out girl he always flirts with and I berated him for not wiggling his tongue out at her because I could have probably got $50.  Get it right next time, dammit.

Of course his reaction was the expected dumb reaction all men make when they are revealed.  They think they are so slick.  He had that dumb smile and said “What?  What are you talking about?”  Whatever.  I just rolled my eyes and walked away, but my man loves my sense of confidence and security (though I will admit, I have my days where I completely fail in this area, but that is another story for another day!)

Ultimately, if you know you are one of those flirty types, than I think there is an added responsibility to do those little extra gestures to make your partner feel secure.  You know what they are; quite possibly, only you know what they are.  That is the beauty of intimacy.  I mean, especially if you are so obvious in your flirtations.  Just like my coworker, uh, “Joe” who flirts with everyone at work and has a fiancé that always accuses him of cheating (go figure!).  My other co-worker tried to tell him that if a woman accuses you of cheating, you are either doing something wrong, or you are not doing something right.  Figure out what makes your partner feel secure in your relationship and do that to the extreme to make up for your flirty habits.  You dirty dog.

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Flirting is probably easier for women. Men suck at it….

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Flirting is probably easier for women. Men suck at it…

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