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The Only Advice You’ll Ever Need For a Successful Marriage

I’m one of the many divorced men today, and I have been honest enough to recognize, and admit to, the mistakes I made. Thank God. The one fundamental thing I’ve learnt about being in a serious relationship, married or otherwise, is to never take anything for granted. I’ve learnt that, no matter how much in […]

Signs That You’re a Victim of Gas Lighting and Why it’s Slowly Killing You

The term Gas Lighting is inherited from the 1940’s movie, Gas Light, where a man slowly manipulates his wife into believing that she is crazy. Psychologists have described Gas Lighting in different subjective ways, but all revolve around the same core meaning – systematically manipulating someone into questioning their own reality. Gas Lighting, at its […]

Sex Calls and Anticipation, Forget Friends With Benefits

In the friends with benefits scenario, the two partners theoretically care about each other. With sex calls, it’s mutually understood that the only intent is sex. The sole purpose of these encounters is to consummate lusty ideas. When a man calls you at 3:00 in the morning, he doesn’t want to hear about your day, your 10:00 meeting, […]

10 Important Rules for Every Couple in an Open Relationship

Just like polyamory, be in an open relationship adds some significant complexity to the already difficult job of maintaining a romantic relationship. The truth is, relationships make people change. In fact, atop the whopping 70% of relationships ending from cheating, studies have shown that the divorce rate in the US alone is 46% and increasing. […]

What it Means to Be in an Open Relationship and Why it Didn’t Work for Me

Blind sighted. That’s exactly how I felt when my then-girlfriend, Julie, asked me how I felt about starting an open relationship. We had been dating for three months (or at least I thought we were), and I was crazy about her. I’ve always considered myself an old school kind of guy and a monogamous relationship […]

Eight Stages of Intimate Life for Long-Term Couples

In 2015, PR News Wire reported that people in the U.S spent more than Nine Billion Dollars on the self-improvement industry; motivational books, self-improvement guides, online tutorials, therapy- just anything geared towards personal improvement. Other than raising lots of questions on our sense of self-sufficiency, it was clear that people had issues – lots of […]

How to Tell if a Relationship is Worth Saving after your Partner Cheats

If you read our last post on forgiving a cheating wife/girlfriend, you probably already have a clear picture of what infidelity in a relationship means. (If you still haven’t read the insightful article, you can still read it here) So you finally found out that your wife/girlfriend has been cheating on you, and you’re still […]

Should You Forgive a Cheating Wife? – The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Infidelity

As social evolution in the 21st century continues to run its impressive course with internet novelty, couple relationships and marriages are, apparently, getting harder to cope with. In a report published by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, women are now cheating just as much as men in relationships. “It seemed like just the other […]

Funniest Misconceptions We All Had About Sex While Growing Up!

Remember the golden old days when we actually believed our parents when they told us that babies come from the market? Back when we were so innocent to envision two naked people, in bed, alone, just doing stuff together. Those were the days when kissing sounded too gross and sex was basically anything that involved […]

Can’t Maintain an Erection? 10 Reasons Why your Penis is Being a Total Dick.

So you finally got the girl you like in bed, and just when you thought the hard part was over, you can’t get hard. Shit! A report by the Cleveland Clinic showed that 52% of men struggle with erectile dysfunction at least once in their lifetime. If you’re a middle-aged guy, you’re probably thinking, “Whatever […]