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Signs That You’re a Victim of Gas Lighting and Why it’s Slowly Killing You

The term Gas Lighting is inherited from the 1940’s movie, Gas Light, where a man slowly manipulates his wife into believing that she is crazy. Psychologists have described Gas Lighting in different subjective ways, but all revolve around the same core meaning – systematically manipulating someone into questioning their own reality. Gas Lighting, at its […]

The Best Fat Burning Foods For Men, Get Abs Naturally

Negative calorie foods and Fat Burning Foods are hot topics these days. In fact, several of the most popular commercial diets incorporate these types of foods into their eating plans. Why? Because, for the most part, they’re some of the healthiest – and most fat loss-conducive – foods you can eat: high-fiber, high-water-content (‘watery’) carbs and low-fat […]

How Privacy is Ruining the World and What You Can Do About It

Privacy is the deliberate choice to not communicate things to the world. This extends beyond verbal and technological communication and into what we consider to be unconscious thought. The communication of our need exists also in our intent, in the vibrations, energies, and harmonies that work their way through us to the world. The problem with […]

10 Best Workout Exercises for Men to Try at Home

Every guy has some fitness goals. Some opt to pay gym subscriptions and maintain a regular gym workout routine, while some just prefer to stay at home, clear away some space at the garage, and build a small bespoke fitness area. Whichever the case, working out for a fit body is part of every man’s […]

Notoriously Illegal Drugs That Are Actually Good Medicines

As jurisdictions on the legalization of illicit drugs continue to be surrounded by large controversies around the world, doctors continue to discover a real potential in these drugs; a potential that not many really sees. Even then, potential risks of self-medication are still the main issue and these drugs might remain prohibited for quite some […]