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Capricorn Sun Zodiac Sign – Unique Personality Traits

Dates December 22 – January 19 Duality Feminine Element Earth Ruling Planet Saturn – Roman God of harvest Zodiac Symbol The Goat – Represents obstructions Keyword I Use Body Part Bones and Joints Lucky Day Saturday Colors Brown Lucky Number(s) 2,8 Best Trait Stability Capricorns are the pillars of ambition, responsibility, and pursuit or greatness. […]

Sagittarius Sun Zodiac Sign – Unique Personality Traits

Dates November 22 – December 21 Duality Masculine Element Fire Ruling Planet Jupiter – Supreme Roman God Zodiac Symbol The Archer Keyword I See Body Part Liver, Thighs Lucky Day Thursday Colors Purple Lucky Number(s) 5,7 Best Trait Optimism Ruled by the Supreme Roman god, you are a bundle of optimism. Wherever you go luck […]

Capricorn Sun Sign and Its Ascendants

Capricorn and Cancer You are very sensitive but also very strong emotionally, once you get over the initial shock. You can seem totally calm on the outside while a tornado is going on inside. You are exceptional at reading people and recognizing their underlying motivations because you have spent the time necessary to understand yourself. You could […]

Aquarius Sun Sign and Its Ascendants

Aquarius and Cancer You are a pretty social person as well as being very sensitive. You have a quick, aroused, deep-thinking mind which can be inspiring to intellectuals who are less warm-hearted. A keen ability to recognize your own emotions and feelings as well as those of others makes you highly regarded and extremely popular. Your nickname […]

Scorpio Sun Sign and Its Ascendants

Scorpio and Cancer You have incredible drive and that makes you very independent as a young person. You tend to mellow later in life, that early drive turning into a great social sense. You should be a very popular because you readily empathize with most folks. You have a good ability to manage people and […]

Sagittarius Sun Sign and Its Ascendants

Sagittarius and Cancer You are the classic sensitive, intuitive person. You normally have a good balance of both emotional understanding and insight into people’s lives, places and events as well as a meaningful knowledge of the greater whole. You can see to the roots of an issue, clear through everything when you’re thinking clearly. But can have […]

Gemini Sun Sign and Its Ascendants

Gemini and Cancer You are curious, instinctive, intuitive, perceptive and maybe even psychic. You mostly trust your impressions of people and rightly so, you have a considerable intellect and judgment abilities. You are a natural leader. This Astrology combinations nervous energy and sensitivity are both tremendous and need constructive outlets or you will probably burn out early […]

Scorpio Sun Zodiac Sign – Unique Personality Traits

Dates October 23 – November 22 Duality Feminine Element Water Ruling Planet Pluto – Ancient God of the Dead Zodiac Symbol The Scorpion – a Deadly creature which could be fatal Keyword I Desire Body Part Genitals Lucky Day Tuesday Colors Maroon Lucky Number(s) 2,4 Best Trait Idealism Scorpio is perhaps the most intense sign […]

Libra Sun Zodiac Sign – Unique Personality Traits

Dates September 23 – October 22 Duality Masculine Element Air Ruling Planet Venus – Goddess of Love and Self-Indulgence Zodiac Symbol The Scales Keyword I Balance Body Part Kidneys, Abdomen Lucky Days Friday Colors Lavender Lucky Number(s) 6,9 Best Trait Charm If there were medals for charm and appeal, Librans would take them all. As […]