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9 Must-Have Accessories Every Gentleman Should Own

The Handkerchief With hardly any accessory, the safety or insecurity of a man becomes as obvious as the handkerchief. This refers to both his self-confidence and his safety in style. An insecure, shy person detests anything from using a handkerchief. It’s too noticeable, it’s hard to match the rest of the clothes, it’s difficult to put it in […]

Men’s Tie Guide: Types, Patterns, and How To Wear Them

Numerous documentaries on the tie and its origins call the Trajan’s Column in Rome an example of the representation and development of the first precursors of this neck jewelry. But what the Roman legionaries wore around the neck at the beginning of the second, post-Christian century only remotely reminds us of today’s tie. At best, a tie […]

7 Hairstyles That Are Actually Holy. You’ve Probably Tried Number Four Already

For many years, hair has remained a symbol of culture and by large, a social badge for many. To date, people continue to use different hairstyles to identify themselves as members of certain social classes and to some, these hairstyles have developed some spiritual significance. Here are seven hairstyles that actually have a religious meaning. […]