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How To Know She is Flirting With You: Women and Body Language

Back in the day, flirting was associated with bad-girl behaviors and was thought to be the true indicator of cheap and tawdry sex. I’m not talking about the stereotypical gum-snapping, giggling, hair-flipping behavior either. That should remain firmly entrenched in the hallways of junior high schools. Flirting is actually considered so scientifically noteworthy that our […]

What it Means to Be in an Open Relationship and Why it Didn’t Work for Me

Blind sighted. That’s exactly how I felt when my then-girlfriend, Julie, asked me how I felt about starting an open relationship. We had been dating for three months (or at least I thought we were), and I was crazy about her. I’ve always considered myself an old school kind of guy and a monogamous relationship […]

5 Reasons You’re Hot and Still Single

Considering men’s obsession with beauty and sophistication, you’d think that the prettiest of women in the world are in enviable relationships. But let’s put this in the open. You’re beautiful, independent and financially stable. You’re the trailblazer of your small social group of friends and your entire world runs under your feet. So why is […]

The Best Free Dating Apps and Sites for Men in 2018

In my experience, finding women to date gets harder with age. Back in college, online matchmaking was hardly even an option for me. Why spend hours flirting online with girls miles away when I could easily score a date at the school cafeteria. But now things have changed, and I’ll admit it. Besides the occasional […]

How to Tell if a Relationship is Worth Saving after your Partner Cheats

If you read our last post on forgiving a cheating wife/girlfriend, you probably already have a clear picture of what infidelity in a relationship means. (If you still haven’t read the insightful article, you can still read it here) So you finally found out that your wife/girlfriend has been cheating on you, and you’re still […]

Should You Forgive a Cheating Wife? – The Ultimate Men’s Guide to Infidelity

As social evolution in the 21st century continues to run its impressive course with internet novelty, couple relationships and marriages are, apparently, getting harder to cope with. In a report published by the Kinsey Institute at Indiana University, women are now cheating just as much as men in relationships. “It seemed like just the other […]