If you are considering getting a divorce, or in the middle of one, this week’s Man Alive podcast conversation is an important one for you.

Having gone through a divorce myself, when I heard about the process Doug Memmott developed to support couples, I thought “This is genius!”

The legal process adds another layer of difficulty which can compound the pain and struggle. Doug has created a way to mediate between two partners with one carefully trained mental health professional who is skilled in dealing with the emotions and problems of divorce. It is called Parting Properly.

Separating from a partner, and sometimes, in addition, a family is rated as one of the most stressful situations a person can go through in a lifetime. It is second only to the death of a spouse or child. So I brought Doug in to discuss:

Perspectives to make divorce less painful

The most important commodity not to waste, even when going through a divorce.

How to shift from a combative process to a collaborative process.

Wisdom from Buddha, Benjamin Franklin, Victor Frankl, and Don Miguel Ruiz.

Doug’s personal learnings from his wife’s death and son’s terminal illness.

If you are going through a divorce I wish for you that it be as easeful as possible. Reach out to Doug if you could use support in reaching the ideal divorce situation and to me if you could use some emotional support.



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