There is a touch that is slow, so slow.
There is a touch that is gentle, so gentle.
It comes from the heart, an energy that flows through your body into your hands so that your hands become your heart.
It comes from your breath, aligning your resonance.
It creates presence, bringing you into yourself, into stillness, into quiet.
There is an intention in this touch, love, compassion, appreciation.
The touch, the stroke, the caress becomes a meditation, for both of us.
The separation between us disappears as we melt into one.
There is no giver and receiver, a spiral of expanding energy, deepening sensation, intimacy.
We become less of a body, more of an energy.
Waves that are expressed on the connection of this moment.
The place where healing and pleasure merge, become more, release of earthly limitations into the mystery.
We are lost in this, timeless, rippling into the field of oneness.

Within our bodies is deep wisdom, a field of possibility.
Our bodies are a portal, touch, deep touch in this way takes us into an expanded state of consciousness, taking us into this field.
Touch becomes a meditation.
Sensuality becomes an intimacy with the self, with a lover.

As with so much of sexuality and sensuality, pleasure, expressed through touch, as most people experience it, is only the beginning.
When we begin to see it as an expression of energy, a manifestation of that which is within us, we move into an expanded state.
The energy flows through us, within us around us. It connects us, and as we allow ourselves to be drawn deeper, it merges us into one.
One with each other, one with life.

As I go deeper into touch, deeper into the possibilities, my heart, my body, open more, yet more, and I thank you for the opportunity to share this.

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