It’s Valentine’s Day here in the Philippines, and you might not know this but the Philippines loves Valentine’s Day. In fact, it’s one of the most highly commercialized holidays of the year here. Well it’s commercialized everywhere, but you get what I mean

Valentine’s Day is strangely the only day people are allowed to love in public. Those in relationships get to spend money on their partners, and the single guys get to drink their lonely asses off without getting judged for it.

Different people have different ways of showing their affection on Valentine’s Day. It could be singing karaoke to each other or buying lots of chocolate or whatever. This is exclusively an all-couple day, and many people like to get the most out of it.

But to be honest, personally, I don’t really find Valentine’s Day interesting. And yes, I understand all crap about grand gestures and public appreciation blah blah blah. It’s just that, I don’t like showing my partner that I love them by buying them stuff. It just feels weird to me – it feels slimy

So every Valentine’s Day, I’ve always had this dilemma of what I should do. How can I show someone I love them without feeling like I’m basically buying their love? Furthermore, how do I stand out from the others who are just buying chocolate and roses?

I’ve been told way too many times that I think too much. But let’s be real… If I’m buying chocolate and roses like everybody else, isn’t that boring? Isn’t there a better way to nail this Valentine’s thing and surprise my partner?

Well, my answer to this problem in recent years has been very simple – write a letter. It sounds stupid –I know. But here’s the thing. I’m a blogger, and I write a lot. Back in college, I wrote lots of letters to my girlfriend, just to spice things a little from the usual texting. And I’m happy to say that she was always very enthusiastic about them.

On Valentine’s Day, I would get her the flowers and chocolate too – but I would also write a romantic letter to get her in the mood. And guess what – it always worked. She would open my letter first, spend hours reading it, and she would literally spend the whole day glowing.

So my advice to you is to write a freaking letter. Don’t worry about the chocolate and flowers so much. Think outside the box and surprise them with a letter. I promise you they are going to enjoy that more than anything physical gift you’ll ever get them.

And don’t worry if you suck at writing. Just try to get fifteen sentences out. Trust me when I say, nobody notices how bad of the writer you may be because everybody else is pretty much a bad writer as well. It’s sort of like me judging someone’s skills as a basketball player when I don’t even know the first thing about basketball

The truth is, chocolates get eaten, and flowers wilt. But the words you express to your partner will live in their minds, probably forever – that doesn’t get eaten.

So sit down, grab your pen, and confess to that paper as you normally would to your girlfriend. And please – Don’t consider two sentences on a hallmark a letter. Get an actual plain paper and take your writing to town. And I promise you, when you’re done, you’ll realize that this is way more valuable than a bunch of roses you picked up at the street down for 50 bucks.

Just think about it…

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