There is a massive false belief that men don’t want to commit. And I get it… I know you’re meeting men who are emotionally available and don’t want to commit. But the truth is, men do want to commit. I mean a simple YouTube search of the phrase “Epic Proposals” will show you just how much men actually crave commitment.

As human beings, we all want to share a deep connection with one special person at least once in a lifetime. But how do you know if you are a dating a man who is ready to commit or just another guy who is looking for a mere hook up experience.

In this article, I’ll share with you 5 crucial signs that you man wants to commit to you. Read on


Immediacy in a relationship means there is a quick progression from one stage the next. First you’re texting… that quickly leads to a phone call, on the phone call he asks you out on a date… There is this urgency and immediacy to the progression of how things turn out in the relationship


There should be consistency in every relationship to how often you’re seeing each other. Now immediacy is the speed in which you progress forward but regularity defines the consistency with which you’re hanging out together

Ask yourself… How often do you hang out with your man? Do you see each other several times a week or are there long unexplained stretches where you’re not seeing each other. Men who often shift between availability and occasional unreachability often don’t want to commit. Any man who is interested in having a committed relationship with you will make efforts to see you frequently


Men are naturally competitive. So once he has made up his mind that he wants you, he will want to keep your focus on him. He wants to make sure that no other man has the opportunity to come in and swoop you off your feet and get your attention

A guy who is interested in you and wants to take things to the next level is going to ask for exclusivity. A good rule of thumb is… If he hasn’t asked for exclusivity from you, then you’re not official yet. Guys who aren’t sold entirely to the idea of a committed relationship often want to keep their options open, and that’s okay

But the problem is, most men often don’t want to ask you to be exclusive with them…at least not yet. So a clever way to get him to get him to pop the question is to ask him yourself or drive your conversation to that direction. This will not only make things easier for him but also show him that you’re open to the idea already

He includes you in his future plans

Men often have a hard time expressing their inner emotions. But a man who wants to commit to you isn’t shy to include you in his future plans. It could be an upcoming vacation or getting tickets for his favorite upcoming concert and the list goes on

When a man starts visualizing his future with you and actually starts discussing it with you, that’s a great sign that he is ready to commit to you

He shows the world that he is with you

Men who don’t want to commit will keep their relationships hidden. But if your man loves you and is ready to start a committed relationship with you, he’ll most likely share your deep connection with others and let the world know that you’re together.

This is the guy who holds your hand in public, or invites you to his dinner work parties, or perhaps shares couple photos of you together on his social media walls. Either way, if he wants to commit, it means he is proud of you enough to let the world know it.

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