Okay, here’s a simple question for you: how many times have you browsed an online dating website, but immediately got turned off after reading their cheesy dating tips? Online dating, for the last few years, has gone big as more singles turn to the internet to find love. Then there is business – we are seeing new online dating websites every day, all with one goal – make money off desperate singles. Last week I received a very interesting question from one of my subscribers – should you pay for a noreply dating site?

What is no reply dating site?

Well, first things first. A noreply is basically an email address that takes the format It’s mainly used by businesses to confirm orders and subscriptions and is meant to discourage users from replying to the messages. While I’m a big fan of Email Marketing, any business that uses the noreply email format seems a little too shady by my standards. But more on this later.

In the online dating context, many dating websites use noreply emails to send promotional offers, confirm subscriptions, and follow-up newsletters. Most of these websites identify to the same old analogous system – you sign up, create your profile, and then start swiping to find your perfect match. If someone likes your profile, you will receive a notification telling you that somebody finds you attractive. Here’s where it gets interesting. You have to pay to view your “Match”.

When I first signed up for online dating, I was not very surprised that I had to pay to view my matches. After all, business is business. It seemed like a small price to pay for true love – and it would be if it was really true love. Then, I realized that it was not about finding love. In such a highly sexualized world, most online dating websites are almost always talking about finding sexual partners. They’ll say something like “Find local singles in your area” or “ Somebody thinks you are handsome”… just anything to entice you to part with a few dollars. And it works.

“When I was single I thought this site would help me find a nice guy. But it was all about flirting and having fun with naughty singles seeking a one-night stand,” says Mia in a review on Sitejabber

So should I pay for a noreply dating site?

The short answer, No.

Online dating websites that use noreply email addresses presumably don’t care about customer satisfaction. Every good business needs to establish trust with its customers, and this calls for a certain level of transparency. When you sign up for a noreply dating site, you agree to receive promotional messages and newsletters directly to your inbox. But what happens when you have a complaint to raise? You are forced to navigate to the website’s contact page (which is usually not easy to find either) and send your message.

Days may pass, or even weeks before you get your first response. Noreply emails are usually meant to mitigate the number of feedbacks every business receives, and that’s as plain an answer as I can give. At the end of the day, you end up feeling like some part of a Rode Goldberg machine forced to pay for mediocre services.

Noreply emails are “illegal”

Well, not illegal per se, but Gmail almost always flags noreply emails as spam messages. This may seem too harsh but it actually makes sense. Noreply dating sites seemingly care about advertising their services more than keeping their users happy. Whenever you sign up for such a platform, you’re basically creating a dead end for any questions you may have in future. This is even more frustrating because noreply emails don’t come with an unsubscribe button. You only end up with a spammed inbox with hundreds of emails about “Singles in your area” that you can’t respond to.

So what’s the solution to online dating?

Don’t Date Online

What?! Alright, hear me out. You need to understand the difference between meeting someone online and dating someone online. You see, online dating websites are the perfect way to meet singles… and that’s all they’re good for. If you’re looking for a committed and lasting relationship, you need to learn how to get off the internet and out into the world.

Online dating logic only teaches you how to send and respond to messages. But, when the conversation starts to get real, you will need more than a few sentences and a smiley face. Sooner or later, you’ll need to meet in person, because physical attraction is a huge part of every relationship. Ever built a great relationship by e-mail or phone only to find out you have nothing in common when you finally meet? What a waste of time! Especially since people can lie and post as many outdated photos as they want, but they can’t hide behind a computer in real life.

Go for legit online dating websites

With so many online dating websites today, this may seem confusing at first. Then again, it’s not that tricky when you know what to look for. For starters, you want to identify your specific goal. Are you looking to make friends online or just a casual hookup with a random stranger? Are you looking to meet a potential match for a serious relationship or just an interesting chat with a stranger 1000 miles away? Knowing what you want will help you choose the best online dating website for your specific need.

Stay away from noreply dating sites

In another review, Jay V explains how he ended up losing money on such schemes.

“Badoo keeps you busy for nothing, but constantly asks for your money. The fun-seeking women rather do not answer, a concise answer remains the exception. I find in real life quick a connection and am with 6’3, robust and sporty not really unattractive. It goes apparently here that it’s all about money and rip-offs without quid pro quo,” he says.

Hiccups and bugs are common in any online system, but the noreply partiality makes it harder for your issues to be addressed. People have lost money and ended up frustrated just for their poor choice of dating sites. We have compiled an unbiased list of the best online dating websites in 2018 to get you started.

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