If you are reading this article, I am sure you already know that men and women are, in many ways, very different and this fact makes understanding men harder than it should be for women. And this is not because we have long hair and they don’t, and we got dolls and they’ve got cars. We are totally different beings, not only humans with a small biological difference. Men act, think, and express themselves differently from the way we normally do. If you live with one, you need to learn how to understand him better if you want to use him for your own pleasure. This is even truer if you want to build a strong relationship with him. In the following lessons, I put down the most basic things you have to know about men. Read on…

Lesson 1: Men are simple.

Remember the guy singing in “My fair lady” (”A Hymn to Him”): “Why can’t a woman be more like a man?” If you got some time, find those lyrics on the web and read them. You will know exactly how he feels about you. All he wants is for you to be just a bit more like him. To do that, you would have to take yourself, cut all the complications, irrational and unexplainable feelings and moods. Then take what’s left and arrange it in a not too big closet with a couple of drawers… Shine through drawers.


You think you are completely rational? I will give you an example. He comes home and he looks like he had a hard day and all he wants is to be left alone. What does he really want? Guess what?! To be left alone! Now he comes home and you look like you had a hard day and all you want is to be left alone. What do you want? Usually, you want attention. A Hug, or a Foot massage, or whatever. Definitely not to be left alone. Meaning: the opposite of what it looks like. And that makes it almost impossible for any man on earth to understand and do what you want.

Lesson 2: Men like hunting, football, good food, and naked women.

You can easily make a man happy by combining those things. Go to a football game and buy food. Come naked and bring food. Hunting? Well, also hunting goes well with food. Our desires and wishes are far more complicated. Be aware of this and take the following do in understanding men: Handle yourself before you try to handle him.

We often tend to blame them for many things they are not really responsible for: for our hard lives, for our tiredness, for the emptiness we, sometimes, feel inside. There are deeper reasons as to why do we do it, but I’ll talk about it later. So first understand what is going on with you. And then talk! Explain yourself. Use exact words for what you want from him. Nothing will make him happier than if you explain to him how to make you happy.

Lesson 3: Men are (almost) unchangeable

We all do the same mistake: when we’re in love, we don’t really pay attention to the little and not-so-little bothering things about the other. And even when we do, we think “well, that’s not so bad”. When those things start to really bother us, we think “well, soon enough, it will change”. Understanding men is easy after you get to know them


There is this sentence, don’t remember from where: “When a man marries a woman, he hopes that she would never change, but when a woman marries, she hopes he would change“. Sad but very logical. He himself doesn’t change, so he thinks that also you would always stay the same: this funny laughing loving young girl with no worries he once met. Probably he also never saw you without makeup before. Or with unshaved legs :). But you are changing. You become a wife, you settle down, you build a home, you bring kids. You become heavier (and this doesn’t necessarily mean you gain weight), you worry, you take responsibility, you become a mother. And you think that he would also change: he would become more down-to-earth, more family-like; he would learn to understand you and to give true attention. Well, you are both wrong.

Men don’t grow up – They just get bigger toys (Big ass bikes and cars). That’s partly why understanding men is so much easier once you get to know them. Even fatherhood changes a man less than you would think. Just take a look at his habits: a guy will always put his stuff in the same place for EVER, even if it is the wrong place. He will still like grandma’s food even when he is fifty years old. When you live together for a couple of years, you will know exactly what happens next when he moves around the house. You will hear him opening the closet, count to 5 and the hear him say, “where is my white shirt?!” You will know that if the fridge is too full, he will die from hunger because it gets too complicated to find something in it. He will always take the same actions at the same time every day and in the same order: Smoke, spend 30 minutes in the bathroom, then shower, then go to the fridge, open it, look inside, close it and ask you what’s in there.

So what am I trying to say? His character will never change from itself and you should learn to accept him the way he is. When you meet a guy and start dating him, be aware that he might never change. Can you accept it? If yes, that’s great. If not, look for a new one from the billions of guys left. But I can tell you that it’s all a vicious circle. Somehow, you end up in the same place you left, if not worse.

Now, after saying all this, I must add that changing a guy (a bit) is indeed possible. But for now I’ll keep it a secret and we’ll talk about it in another article.

Lesson 4: Men must pleasure

On this site, you will never find an article on understanding women. Why? It’s because men don’t really want to understand us. Ever tried to explain yourself to a man? What was the reaction? He got nervous. His face got an expression of deep suffering and his eyes were checking the room for an emergency exit. It’s all written on his face: How do I get out of here??

I will tell you why. You probably overloaded the machine. His brain does not have a program for this. He has only one simple program: Hunt and then pleasure her. Believe it or not, he really wants you to feel good. But the best part is, he doesn’t have to do anything about it besides being him. I am great. I am with you. We have good sex. What else could you want?
From the beginning of the history of mankind, women won wars without a single battle, led states behind the backs of their husbands, and moved mountains without losses by simply letting men know how to pleasure them. I don’t believe that Cleopatra ever explained to Caesar or Mark Antony how she felt. She probably just said something like: “By the way, to reign Egypt alone would really make me feel good”.

Speaking of Cleopatra, do you know why men will always like bit**es? Because those are the kind of women who make men want to pleasure them. Do you get my point? The golden rule is: lean back, give him space to pleasure you and tell him how. That’s all it takes to understand your man.

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