Women and mind games are not new to us, and quite frankly, we have all grown to love them. There are many ways to know if a girl has a crush on you, and while some may be too vague, most signals are pretty much obvious. So are you curious about that girl at work who laughs at all your jokes? Or that blonde waitress who keeps playing with her hair every time you’re at the diner? Well, we can help. In this article, you will learn how to construe all those devious hints you keep getting from women all the time and perhaps make some sense out of them. Here are a few solid signs that a girl has a crush on you.

How to know if a girl has a crush on you

She likes to talk to you – A lot!

The world is changing, and what seemed like dangerous physical flirting a decade ago is now mainstream online dating. It starts off easy, just a random text to a stranger, and if you’re creative enough (and funny), she’ll grow more interested.

The easiest way to know if a woman likes you is to observe how often she talks to you and how much she enjoys it. Women are like candy – they can’t hide their excitement. If she is constantly making herself available, building conversations on top of conversations, it’s obvious that she enjoys talking to you.

But here’s the tricky part – she’s probably not just going to put it out there that she has a crush on you (Read Dumb Dating Rules We Should All Stop Following). So play your cards right – well, the highway card, to be precise. Keep her engaged and give her some time to collect her thoughts and become more comfortable around you.

She laughs at all your jokes (even the dull ones)

You know how they say Laughter is the best medicine? Turns out it’s also the best female magnet. If you’re a funny person, then you’re in luck – getting girls to like you is not going to be that hard. If a woman likes you, she’ll make all your jokes magical.

When a girl makes a point to laugh at all your jokes, she’s obviously trying to encourage you and make sure you know that she finds you hilarious. But even if you’re not that funny, and sometimes her giggles seem a bit inappropriate, that’s okay. She obviously believes you’re funny and doesn’t mind reassuring you.

Giggles are good, but full, spot-on, belly aching laughter is what you should be looking for. And the best part is, you don’t even have to be funny with words. You can just embrace a funny character – think Mr. Bean – just anything overwhelmingly funny that will get you both laughing together and crying your ribs out will work just fine.

She finds excuses to touch you

When a girl finds all kinds of excuses to touch you, it’s a solid sign that she has a crush on you. Some excuses don’t even make sense. I once had a girl tell me that my tie was upside down. Uh, what? Turns out she just wanted to play with my beard. I know, I was flattered too!

Any woman who is attracted to you will try to make body contact with you as many times as possible – think of it as a female bonding thing. She may give you random taps on your shoulder when talking to you, bump you in the chest occasionally, pretend to fix your tie, give you random hugs, and the list goes on. Women tend to get touchy when they are in love, so if she touches you a lot she likes you.

She notices you but is too shy to make a move

Here’s another classic – the timid card. Typical, but clever. You catch her staring at you, your eyes meet, she blinks, and turns away. But her eyes are too inviting, so you decide to make the first move – but she ignores you. Now you’re confused. Part of you thinks you misread the signal and she doesn’t really like you, but the other half is cynical. Maybe she does like you, but doesn’t know how to act. And the part where you actually make the first move – well, let’s just say she doesn’t have that part figured out either.

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Some women just don’t want to be seen ‘chasing men’ (You can blame that on Rachel Green). So body language is the only valid card they have on the table. If she likes you, she’ll first acknowledge your presence. The point is to let you know that she’s aware that you’re around. The gestures get even more intense when you try to approach her and she goes all sheepish and nervous.

She doesn’t like it when you flirt with other girls

Okay, this one may be a little tough to read. Nobody likes competition, certainly not women. Any girl who likes you will feel threatened when you flirt with other girls. It gets even trickier when the other girls are somewhat more attractive than her.

While some girls are cocky enough to openly express their ill feelings, most girls will simply just watch in silence and die inside. As a guy, watching her demeanor to make sure she is comfortable with you around other women will keep her interested and put the ball farther into your court. Observe her while talking with other girls. If she has a crush on you, she could, for example, sink into a corner alone, or keep herself busy, or leave the area altogether – just anything to distract her from the fact that you’re giving your attention to someone else.

Her face lights up when she sees you

Ever had someone look at you with one of those wide smiles that make you cringe? Not because the smile is scary, but because it’s weird in a cute way – like a sloth’s smile. Generally speaking, women don’t feel like they have to smile around people they don’t like. It has nothing to do with rudeness – it’s just the way it is. So it would be safe to say that a girl who smiles at you often is likely pleased to be around you.

She licks her lips

When a girl wets her lips with her tongue, it has to mean something, right? Sure it could mean that her lips are dry, but let’s not ignore the possibility that she could also be coveting a kiss. Think about it. The suggestive hair flip, the off-color eye contact, and the indelicate wet lips… Come on, she has to be into you!

All her friends seem very excited around you

Girl Talk – Two words that scare me out of my pants. When a girl has a crush on you, her best friends will likely get the whole story first. They’ll get all the details before you even know what’s going on. The good news, perhaps, is that you get acquainted with them early enough. One of the easiest ways to know if a girl has a crush on you is to watch her friends closely. How are they when you’re around?

Do they smile at you? Do they giggle when you walk past them? Do they suddenly seem interested in your life, asking you all kinds of personal questions? Does she look nervous when you’re talking to them, perhaps worried that one of her friends might rat out that she has a little crush? All these clues will help you unfold the real hidden message, which is, she is attracted to you.

So if you’re looking to know if that girl, who seems a bit off every time you show up, actually has a crush on you, use these hints to help you make some sense out of her body language. You’ll do just fine!

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