While some members of my community might enjoy the smell of a musky beer, most people do not. So unless you are planning on moving to France, I recommend you invest in a good quality deodorant. But let’s not forget to protect our clothing friends, shall we? Use a deodorant that doesn’t stain or ruin your undergarments or dress shirts. That would be like cutting off your nose to spite your face – or like throwing out your Pradas to spite your Guccis.

When it comes to deodorants, keep it simple. It’s all about being fresh and clean. I would avoid scents in your deodorants and save that for your cologne. I actually feel the same way about soap. Showering once a day won’t kill you, but I like an unscented soap, and one that is non-comedogenic, so it won’t clog the pores on your ass cheeks. No woman wants a guy who smells like bars of soap or has pimples on his butt. It’s not crazy to want better!

As for fragrance, a man with a little – and remember I said “A LITTLE” – scent on is hot. It’s sexy and yummy and lovely, and the ladies love it. I’m not talking about the scent of musty underwear or an old gym sock, by the way. I’m talking about cologne.

Cologne should always be subtle and never overwhelming. Put on far less than you think you would need. A great way to apply cologne is to spray it in front of you and then walk through the mist rather than applying it directly. That will keep your fellow elevator passengers from thinking you bathed in a vat of Paco Rabanne. That’s always the wrong answer.

It would be impossible for me to tell you how to buy cologne. Choosing a fragrance is so very personal. There are millions of options out there, and you just need to experiment and use a little common sense. If it’s called “Eau de Farm Animal,” or the bottle has a guarantee that it will improve your sex life, you might want to think again. Take a lady friend with you and try on a couple different scents.

I’ll also warn you that if you like a scent someone has on, feel free to ask him about it, but keep in mind that a scent on a person is not going to smell necessarily the same on someone else, because of body chemistry and body oils and what not.

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