Dates December 22 – January 19
Duality Feminine
Element Earth
Ruling Planet Saturn – Roman God of harvest
Zodiac Symbol The Goat – Represents obstructions
Keyword I Use
Body Part Bones and Joints
Lucky Day Saturday
Colors Brown
Lucky Number(s) 2,8
Best Trait Stability

Capricorns are the pillars of ambition, responsibility, and pursuit or greatness. Ruled by the planet Saturn, your life is full of desire and practicality; you don’t just Say – you Do. You’re passionate about doing great things and therefore find motivation in such things as money, power, success, and sometimes love.

Saturn is the Roman god presiding over harvests and gain. In astrology, Saturn represents diligence, grit, and tenacity to survive. Consequently, Capricorns are determined to live their lives with discipline and patience. Like a mountain goat, you find footholds where no one thought they existed, climb heights when everyone else chooses to give up; you are a born achiever and are willing to persevere till the end.

Time is important to you. You want to be in the right place at the right time, and this makes you an organized and dependable person. A strategic timetable helps you plan your days. Above all, you are patient with the things you want. You are willing to give up today’s temptations for tomorrow’s reward. As a Capricorn, you’re a Taskmaster – responsible, organized and disciplined.

Capricorns are rational thinkers and doers. You believe in solving problems using strategy instead of force. You like to carefully think out situations, and your active mind and admirable concentration allow you to grasp ideas quickly. You are, however, a control freak. You don’t trust people with the fine details and would rather complete your tasks yourself

As a Capricorn, you hardly receive enough credit for your creativity. This could be because you work too hard or tend to fuss over details too much. Yet you are highly creative – a skillful, talented and artistic mind that just wants to put dreams into concrete action.

Capricorns are strict with life. Even as a child, you barely seek time for idleness and pleasure. In some ways, you feel unworthy and over the years you have learned to give yourself the love that you feel the world denies you. Sometimes people mistake your remoteness for cold passion. But to you, it’s not so much as being cold but being self-sufficient. You need time to organize your thoughts around people and this makes you look reserved. Beneath your gloomy Capricorn nature is a sensitive and friendly spirit.

In business, Capricorns tend to be successful, partly because they are organized and cautious and partly because they are conservative with money. You’re the businessperson who is well-informed about the soundest investments and you know where and when to stake your money.

Uncertainty bothers you. To you, there is only black or white-grey areas are not your cup of coffee. You are more comfortable when you are sure of your surroundings. To some, this strictness may be interpreted as closed-mindedness, but to you, it’s just your way of staying in control. Your solid drive for greatness may lead to become materialistic, proud, and spiteful to those who stand in your way.

In relationships, Capricorns must dominate. You hate feeling vulnerable and under obligations. Love is a test to you, and though you may not realize it, you’re continually testing the loyalty of partner. Capricorn is the loner of the zodiac – too reserved to admit when in love. Underneath your mask, there are several other masks, and this makes it hard for the world to discover the real you. Yet ironically, you have a great desire to be loved and appreciated. Fortunately, to some, your very elusiveness makes your even more attractive. Like a riddle wrapped inside a sphinx, there seems to be an enticing secret buried beneath your depths.

As a Capricorn, you appreciate loyalty, and anyone who is patient enough to penetrate your shell is highly rewarded. You’re the friend who sticks around when everybody else leaves, the affectionate partner who protects those he/she loves.

Generally, your Capricorn nature makes you a determined, realistic, and focused person. Though you tend to take life a little too seriously, you have a great sense of humor. Despite your intelligent and strong-minded personality, you often feel insecure – you are a conflicting bundle of emotions. The unevolved spend a lot of time trying to strip down your many layers of secrecy and discover the real you, but most understand your Capricorn nature and spare you your personal privacy.

Famous People Born in the Capricorn Sun Sign

Martin Luther King Jr.

  • Tiger Woods
  • Nicolas Cage
  • Jim Carrey
  • Stephen Hawking
  • John Legend
  • Sir Isaac Newton
  • Elvis Presley
  • Dolly Parton
  • Denzel Washington

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