Dates November 22 – December 21
Duality Masculine
Element Fire
Ruling Planet Jupiter – Supreme Roman God
Zodiac Symbol The Archer
Keyword I See
Body Part Liver, Thighs
Lucky Day Thursday
Colors Purple
Lucky Number(s) 5,7
Best Trait Optimism

Ruled by the Supreme Roman god, you are a bundle of optimism. Wherever you go luck follows – in friendships, your careers, money – there is always a door waiting to open up for you. Generally, this makes you a natural enthusiast, and while you may have some dark days every now and then, your sanguinity and cheerfulness always triumph. You are an expansive personality – nothing and nobody can confine your fire.

One of your most distinguishing characters as a Sagittarian is independence. Your free and adventurous spirit make you purpose to progress in life. You are always restless, looking for new ideas to ponder, new heights to explore. With you, the grass is always greener on the other side. Your Zodiac symbol is The Archer, indicative of high aims and the love of outdoor activity. The Sagittarius glyph, the pointed arrow, is attributed to the philosopher and suggests the pursuit of wisdom and great heights.

In relationships, Sagittarians are hard to contain. The last thing you want is being pinned down in a constant emotional entanglement. You want to be free, and this means always keeping one eye on the exit door. You rarely talk about your feelings, and when you do, the focus is mostly on what you think about your feelings rather than how you actually feel. You prefer a simple, passionate, romantic, and if possible, ‘No strings’ relationship. In friendship, however, you are the nicest in the Zodiac. Warm, jovial, open, and always ready to sacrifice to see your friends happy.

Sagittarius is the crown of freedom. You believe that everyone is entitled to their own way of life, and as a result, you try not to meddle in other people’s businesses. In your relationships, you try not to be jealous or possessive. Instead, once you start feeling unwanted, you choose to pursue better. Freedom is your most valuable aspect in life, and when it comes to it, you will give up money, relationships, your career, and everything else that threatens your liberty, as long as in the end, you answer to nobody but yourself.

In astrology, Jupiter is the planet of Providence, optimism, abundance, and good fortune. As a Sagittarian, your interests are endless – music, philosophy, technology, books, animals, nature – you are a gifted and versatile person. You enjoy telling stories, writing books, TV, and lots of humor. However, your insatiable need to change the scene makes you easily bored, leaving many half-baked projects.

In business, you are honest, transparent, straightforward, and clever. With you, there are no secret thoughts or hidden agendas. You always say what’s on your mind. People often come to you for your honest opinion, and time again, they will get hurt by your words. However, your candid truth is merely meant to inform and deep down, you mean the best. Ironically, you don’t like it when people say negative things about you, even when they are true.

Sagittarius works best under pressure – those last critical moments when it’s “do it or die”, those moments of crisis bring out the best in you. In many ways, you dream of a perfect world that works in your favor. You like to think of the world, not as it is, but as you would want it to be. You have many brainy ideas, but then again you tend to procrastinate a lot, lose interest in these ideas, and then spend a lot of time wondering why you’re stuck in the same place.

Generally, as a Sagittarian, you are extravagant, reckless, non-committed, irritable when bored, and somewhat irresponsible. Yet you are the most likable sign in the zodiac. Astrologers have attributed this to your outgoing, fun, and confident character. People around you see you as an open book – all cards on the table –there are no secrets in the way you live. Even in your darkest of moods, you can always afford to smile. In a nutshell, the world sees you as an unpredictable, independent spirit.

Famous people born in the Sagittarius Zodiac sign

Christina Aguilera

William Blake

Tyra Banks

Miley Cyrus

Jay Z

Jamie Foxx

Jimi Hendrix

Katie Holmes

Brad Pitt

Britney Spears

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