Whether you keep up with them or not, The Kardashians have grown from just your average family to an empire. From popular television shows to shopping stores and sporting events The Kardashians are the new face of marketing and celebrity branding.

Today, being a socialite means being unapologetic for your ridiculous fascinations; what was once a guilty pleasure is now immensely popular as long as there is a popular celebrity behind the brand. The question of why the Kardashians are so popular comes up a lot – Nobody seems to notice any unique talents or creativity in the family. But perhaps it’s because when it comes to the Kardashian clan, there’s someone for everyone.

Nonetheless, the world seems to have such strong opinions when it comes to the Kardashians. Personally, I prefer to avoid that convo entirely and focus on other ways to learn more about the family. This is my go-to personality question: Who’s your favorite Kardashian/Jenner? Of course, this question is different from “Who’s the hottest Kardashian/Jenner?” – We all know its Kendall LOL

But seriously, who is your favorite Kardashian? Would you rather spend time with the more outspoken, funny Khloe or the more queen-ish Kim? Would you pick the fashion-possessed Kendall or Kylie – who is constantly switching up her look? Let’s not forget the blunt yet nurturing Kourtney and the glue of the family, Kris. Oh! And the so-quiet Rob, who seems more reserved than everybody else in the family.

With the Kardashians, it’s never easy to pick a favorite (especially if you watch their reality show), so we’ve prepared a way to refresh your mind. Here is what your favorite Kardashian says about your personality.

Kim Kardashian

By Hayu ( [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons
It all starts with Kim. Kris Jenner may be the mom, but Kim’s the queen bee of the Kardashian hive. If you’re a Kim K person, you probably don’t mind being the center of attention in your world. You are a natural-born leader who revels in the spoils, but when things get tough, you somehow manage to slip into the background, letting people around you handle the damage. But this does not mean you’re a manipulative person; you’re just a precious investment that needs to be protected, and when it comes down to it, you will always protect yourself – whatever it takes.

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When it comes to friends, you’re not exactly social type, but you probably have an extraordinarily high number of acquaintance-type friends and a very small number of people you can actually open up to. Your love life can safely be summarized as hopeless romanticism with fairy-tales and fantasies of a perfect happily ever after, but there’s something in you–it could be subconscious or you could be totally aware of it–that finds a way to sabotage relationships. Regardless, you’ll keep trying.

You’re probably obsessed with your butt too!

Kourtney Kardashian


If you are Kourtney Kardashian fan, you’re the ‘parent’ in the group, probably the oldest too – which means you are always faced with an urge to watch out for everyone. With that, you’re caught in a weird transitional phase of your life. Part of you wants to settle down, but another part doesn’t want to give up the youthful party.

You crave a domesticated, settled-down life – a family, a husband, perhaps some kids too. Yet you often seek those vicarious experiences, getting all the juicy details of the world around you.

You have terrible taste in men, and many guys tend to take advantage of your unique sense of loyalty. You tend to give second chances more times than you’d care to admit. It falls in line with your fixer personality. Yet ironically, you are blunt in your statements, saying what you feel, even though you always mean well. Life would be much easier for you if you were a little selfish with yourself.

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Khloe Kardashian


Khloe is the kind of person who always has your back. Your friends consider you to be the funny one in the group and while everyone is mindful of what they say and do, you’re a wild card, unapologetic for the things you say. You’re not afraid of saying what everyone else is thinking.

Basically, you just want to let loose and celebrate — whether that’s with your partner or your BFFs. Every social group needs someone like you to keep things fun, lightweight, and real. You probably don’t mind throwing a punch or two when people cross you.

Kris Jenner


Speaking of living large, if Kris Jenner is your favorite Kardashian, you’re desperate to be in your late-20s again. Your entire world probably revolves around your family and you will stop at nothing to keep your circle tight. You are a friend to your kids just as much as you are a parent – the cool parent indeed.

Sometimes, you get delusional and don’t hesitate to point fingers to blame to outsiders – just anything to protect your family. You are the kind of person who feeds the Gremlins after midnight. This, however, makes your family lack accountability in their life.

Rob Kardashian

The Daily Beast

Ah yes, and now the standoffish Rob Kardashian. If Rob is your favorite Kardashian, you are the underdog in your social group who probably struggles with being left in the shadows. Part of you wants to continue to ride the coattails of the people around you, but you also want to make a name for yourself in your own right, perhaps branch out into a field no one has touched.

You were the person who left town after college when everyone else chose to hung around. Basically, you’re unsatisfied with the identity that is rooted in the lives of other people rather than developed through your own experiences. Keep searching, you’ll find your way.

Kendall Jenner


Kendall Jenner is arguably the shyest in the Kardashian family. As a Kendall Jenner fan, when it comes to your relationships you are all about the romantic getaway. Your attitude in life is, in a word, adventurous. You like to explore the world, with no intention of ever settling down. This so perfectly reflects your Sagittarius character. Whether it’s fashion or your career, there’s no slowing you down. Maybe that means going rock-climbing or finding the nearest Jacuzzi.

Kylie Jenner


Kylie Jenner is the perfect definition of “friends before lovers.” If you are a Kylie fan, you always have a fresh idea in mind. You are carelessly outgoing but hardly apologize for it; not because you don’t care, but because you don’t need anybody to validate your life. You are the kind of person who will choose to hang out with your friends over everything else, perhaps spend the afternoon chitchatting and eating some Froyo, then later share the entire experience on your Snapchat story. You probably got an unplanned tattoo on your thigh while drunk.

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