Family, betrayal, pain, forgiveness – the cycle never ends, and sometimes it’s just too hard to hold the tears. The stereotypes, as usual, expect men to bottle up their emotions and hide their tears, and for the most part, men do manage to do it. I stumbled across this thread on Reddit on why men cry – just a couple of guys sharing their personal stories and most emotional episodes. It really gave me an honest perspective on just how much men hide inside, and how willing they are to open up when given a chance to share their feelings. Grab some tissues – things could get weepy.


After our engagement, my fiancé suffered an episode that required a forceful commitment to a psychiatric facility. We’d been dating for two years, and though I knew she had some history, there hadn’t been any events before that to indicate the severity of her situation.

We’ve been married for 13 years now. I’ve had to forcefully commit her into psychiatric care seven times. The most recent was after the birth of our daughter. She couldn’t understand why she was being taken away from her.

Every time this happens, I feel a guilt and shame that I cannot put into words, no matter how long I search for them. It is a feeling so integral to identifying who you are as a person that you believe yourself to be truly wretched. But worse than that feeling is the feeling of loss and despair that you may not be reunited with the person you love.

I’ve cried every time.


This, I got into a fight with my dad a couple of weeks ago over something trivial, he was stressed from work and just started arguing with me while we were driving home.

He felt very bad afterward and during the evening before we went to bed I asked him how he was doing, he said “not that great” and started tearing up. I felt really bad for him, gave him a hug and told him I wasn’t mad at him anymore.

We talked for a bit and he went to bed, afterward I broke down.


Previously, nothing. I honestly am just a super detached, super jaded person. Now? My daughter. For me, having my daughter has wrecked my whole shit emotionally. I just look at her and think about all the terrible garbage out there that she will have to go through, and I cry. When I come home, she yells “DADA!” And runs over to me and SMACKS into my chest with a big bear hug. I cry. At night when she is tired, she walks over to me, throws her arms up and says “up pleeez, up pleeez” then she points to the couch, and we cuddle while we listen to music. And I cry. I’m telling you, having a daughter has made me the biggest baby ever.


Two of my cats drowned in my pool in the backyard. My dad and I tore it down. One of them was half blind and a bit over 10 years old. One died last year, two days after Thanksgiving and was just a little over one year old. I can never forgive myself for these things.

My dad buried the one-year-old cat because I wasn’t man enough to do it. I was just crying the whole time.


Loss of a friend.

I was studying for a test when I hopped on Facebook for a study break and saw a news story from my local town. I decided to read it and my blood froze when I saw his name. He had taken his own life. There were no obvious warning signs – just one day he was here and the next he was gone.

I couldn’t go to the funeral or the service because I had my finals and I live six hours away. I was in denial because I knew I didn’t have time to grief and study, so I bottled it up until my last final. As soon as I got home, it finally hit me and I cried for the rest of the day. It’s been two months and while I feel better, I’m still not completely over it


As a teacher, I cried when one of my best students came to me in private – bursting into tears as he stood there – to say that his parents were getting a divorce.

He said that the yelling, anger and abusive language at home was so overwhelming that he was afraid to go back there after school.

The way he relayed all this, coupled to his obvious distress (physically shaking) brought tears to my eyes, as well. He’s the nicest kid – and I’m going to do my part to help him, and support him in whatever way possible.


I cried the day I buried my fiancé. I have been crying since, every day that I remember her. I hold it in when I am at work, but the minute I get home, the overwhelming feeling of her absence gets me almost instantly.


When I see a lonely old person enjoying something simple, I almost always shed a tear. It’s like, they’ve lived for decades – maybe they are widowed and have no one close to them and not that much money. Yet they take pleasure in such simple things – that’s a luxury to them. I don’t know why, but it makes me a little sad in a kind, sympathetic way, and I hope nothing ruins those moments of enjoyment.


When I proposed to my now fiancé, I cried like a baby. She was in shock, so much she didn’t cry till later that day. I had all these stuff I wanted to say, but all I could get out before the tears was, “I love you, will you marry me?


Whenever my wife cries, it always has an effect on me. I don’t want her to have to cry alone. It’s really sad for me.

Mr. Platypus

When I sit alone at home and see all my friends with their girlfriends, I may shed a tear or two


The Toy Story 3 movie really made me cry. They were holding hands when going into the fire! If you didn’t cry at that scene, you are an animal.


My dog is getting old. Her back legs are slowly starting to give. She still happy as ever, but seeing her time get closer and closer starts the waterworks


Seeing your dad cry is one of the saddest things ever. I’ve seen my dad cry twice in my life. First time was when I was 6 and I accidentally kicked him in the balls. The second was at my grandfather’s funeral. I can’t decide which one was harder to watch.


I have shared custody of my four-year-old son.

Last week, he had a dentist appointment to have two of his teeth pulled (He just turned three). I go to the hospital with my ex… They prep him up before and we’re comforting him, telling him it’s not a big deal and it won’t hurt, yadda yadda. The nurse comes to take him to surgery, and he starts crying. As he’s being carried away, he cries over the nurse’s shoulder and yells, “Daddy, Help me, save me.”

It tore me up inside, even though I knew everything was fine. I never want to experience that feeling again.

“Keep crying, until there are no more tears. Then keep on living. It’s hard, but it gets a little better. I hope…”

Reference: Reddit (some comments have been edited for clarity)

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