Kids are supposed to be innocent. It’s the only thing that makes sense for such tender minds. But sometimes things are not always as they seem. Sometimes, even kids fly off the handle. Get ready to meet some of the evilest children to ever go down in the history of brutal murders and sadistic tortures. Here is the chilly list.

10. Jesse Pomeroy

Back in the late 1800s, Jesse Pomeroy was only 14 years old when he was written off as the youngest person in history to be convicted of first-degree murder at that time. He was well known for torturing and bullying small kids by performing ugly cruelties on them like slicing them with a knife and sticking sharp needles on their bodies. At the age of 11, Jesse Pomeroy kidnapped seven boys and tortured them sexually, only to be arrested and sent to a children’s reform school.

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He was released a year later for good behavior but he immediately resumed his evil obsession, kidnapping and mutilating a 10-year old girl. A month later, he lured another 4-year old child to a swamp just outside the town and decapitated him. In total, he admitted that he was responsible for 27 murders with only 12 bodies being found hidden in his basement. Due to the public’s chorus of disapproval, Jesse Pomeroy was condemned and sentenced to death.

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9. Mary Bell

On May 25, 1968, Mary Bell attacked and strangled a 4-year old boy, Martin Brown, on the eve of her 11th birthday. Just a month later, she attacked and killed another 3-year old boy, Brian Owe, this time with the help of her friend, Norma. After the murder, she went on to curve a bold “M” on the boy’s corpse with a razor blade.

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Police reports said that she also cut off the boy’s hair and genitals with a pair of scissors. It was said that Mary’s parents were very abusive and that her psychotic behavior could have been as a result of an ugly childhood. She was charged with manslaughter only to be released in 1980 with a new identity.

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8. Joshua Phillips

On November 15, 1998, a 14-year old boy from Florida named Joshua Phillips assaulted and killed his 8-year old neighbor, Maddie Clifton. At first, Joshua’s neighbor, Larry Grisham took the blame for Clifton’s murder owing to the fact that he had previously been convicted with two other counts of sexual assault. Joshua even offered to help the police in the investigation.

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Just a week later, as Joshua’s mother was cleaning his room, she accidentally noticed something dripping beneath Joshua’s bed. Her suspicion led her to discover Maddie Clifton’s dead body hidden under his bed. Apparently, Joshua and Maddie had been playing catch when he accidentally hit her too hard on the head that she fainted. Joshua claimed that he panicked when he saw her unconscious body moving and so he beat her continuously with a baseball bat. He went on to stab her multiple times until she died. Joshua was sentenced to life imprisonment.

7. Brenda Spencer

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Brenda Anne Spencer is probably the most unremorseful and reckless young female murderer to ever go down in history. Brenda was only 16 years old when she decided to instigate a shootout at her school on a Monday morning. Since she lived just across the street, she took a rifle at home and just went on to recklessly shoot at other kids in her school.

She killed two people, including the school principal, and wounded eight children and a police officer. When asked why she did it, she simply replied,” I don’t like Mondays. This livens up the day.” Brenda was given an indefinite sentence and she is still serving time in prison.

6. Erick Smith

At the age of 13, Erick Smith decoyed a 4-year old boy named Derrick Robbie into the forest and sodomized him. He then strangled the poor boy and smashed his head continuously with a rock. Erick admitted to the murder and was sentenced to nine years jail time in 1994, with a second-degree murder charge.

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In 2014, during his parole listening, Erick claimed that he was a victim of bullying and abuse at home and that he took out his anger on Derrick. He later decided to kill him because he was afraid that he would snitch. Erick is still serving time in prison.

5. Brian and David Freeman

Bryan Freeman (17) and David Freeman (15) were two brothers living in Salisbury Township, PA. They were well known for their neo-Nazi credence that they showed by shaving their heads and getting face tattoos. One night, in 1995, the two brothers attacked their own mother, stuffed a pair of shorts in her mouth to prevent her from screaming, and then went on to stab her incessantly until she eventually died.

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They then went upstairs where they beat their father and younger brother to death with a bat. During their trial, the two brothers showed no remorse and actually took pride telling stories of how they enjoyed mutilating animals. They were sentenced to life and are still in prison.

4. David Brom

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in 1988, David Brom got into a heated argument with his father. The following morning, before going to school, Brom took an axe from the garage and smashed his father in the head severally until he died. He then went on to murder his mother, brother and sister too. In school, he proudly narrated the whole story to his friend and it was not long before the rumors spread. When police looked into the story, they confirmed that David Brom had, indeed, murdered his whole family. He was arrested and convicted of first-degree murder. He is set for release in 2041.

3. Jon Venables and Robert Venables

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In 1993, Jon Venables and Robert Venables were found guilty of the murder of James Bulger, a 2-year old boy that had been reported missing from a mall. Apparently, the two brothers had spent the whole day stealing items from the mall and in the process, they managed to lure James from his mother. The plan was to leave the young boy on the sidewalk where a stranger would later find him crying and help him find his mother. But instead, Jon and Robert found themselves harassing the baby.

Police found James Bulger’s dead body on railway tracks, tortured and brutally beaten. Jon and Robert Venables were only 10 years old when they committed the murder, making them the youngest serial killers in the English history.

2. Graham Young

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Graham Young was nicknamed as the ‘Teacup Poisoner’ due to his obsession with poison testing on people. He enjoyed mixing different toxic substances with foodstuffs that he would then give to his family members and friends at school as the “patient zeros”.

In 1962, at the age of 15, Graham Young was sent to a mental institution with hopes of a therapeutic makeover. At one time, he poisoned his step-mother who fell so ill that she died. Graham was arrested and served nine years in prison. On his release, he poisoned up to seventy more people and ended up killing two of them. In 1990, he suffered a chronic heart attack and died.

1. Amarjeet Sada

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Amarjeet Sada is the youngest murderer to ever be recorded in history. At just the age of 8, Sada killed his own baby sister who was only 9 months old. The dead body of the baby was found in Musahari village. Though his parents tried their best to hide the murder from the villagers, Sada would later slay his neighbor’s baby who was only 6 months old. He crushed the baby using a stone killing it instantly.

Amarjeet Sada is chronicled as the youngest and worst baby serial killer

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