So finally your special day is here – It’s your wedding. Predictably, your betrothed wife seems more restless than you. Everything needs to be perfect. Looking the best on your wedding day as the groom is not an option, especially now that everyone in your family wants to have say.

Shopping for a wedding is no walk in the park. All eyes will be on you on that big day. So whether you are a suits kind of guy or just a casual maniac, you want to look the best on your wedding day. Lucky for you, we are here to help. With just a few tricks and a little effort, you can change from what I’d call a frustrating wedding preparation to a successful and hassle-free wedding fashion planning.

But first, let’s set some ground rules for what’s hot and what’s not when it comes to dressing for a wedding as a man.

  1. Never wear all white in a wedding, unless it’s specified in the general wedding dress code. White is conventionally reserved for the bride. She needs to bask in the limelight, and it’s important to her that she does. The last thing you want as a man during a wedding is drawing attention from the crowd for the wrong reasons
  2. Black is not off-limits as they would have you think. I know they say it’s a taboo, blah blah blah. Well, it’s not. In fact, most fashion experts recommend black men wear during wedding pre-activities such as rehearsal dinners and evening parties.
  3. Stick to just the right amount of ‘fashion’. Just because it’s your wedding doesn’t mean you have to look complex. Simple is sexy. In as much as you want to look the best in the wedding, don’t go overboard with your dress code. For example, if you settle for a casual wedding, classic jeans would be a good option. But adding huge chains, big ass rings, and all that crap is just an overkill.

Now that we have that out of the way, what is the best men’s wear for a wedding? This question will inevitably pop up in your mind somewhere along the way. In this guide, we’ll cover several wedding men’s wear ideas to help you inject some uniqueness in your style and perhaps make you look irresistible to your future bride.

Here we go…

Formal Wedding Men’s Wear

The formal wedding men’s wear is what I like to call the classic James Bond. Chiefly, it’s just a suit – but it’s not just any suit. You want a sleek, bespoke and well-cut suit to accord the general formal theme of the wedding. A fitting suit is noble enough to give you a complex and sophisticated look, but also simple enough for an exclusive minimalistic appeal. Aim for a slim-cut, single-breasted and peak collar suit to flatter your modern taste.

For your shirt, you want a prime fabric, white shirt with a wing collar – no shouting design details. Match that up with a neat black bowtie for a clean and flawless formal look.

Now, all we have to do is work on your shoes. Forget the modesty – your shoes need to be sophisticated. A narrow leather round-toed pair of black shoes would be ideal. Keep them positively unscuffed and well-polished.

Talk about the perfect gentleman.

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Semi-Formal Wedding Men’s Wear

This is where the bet gets tricky. A semi-formal wedding classic look is hard to pull off. You want to be less strict unlike in the formal wedding wear, yet a little more reserved than your average gentleman. The vibe is plain-spoken – You can walk down the aisle just as easy as you can show off your crazy dance moves during the cocktail party.

For a semi-formal wedding appearance, you want an outfit that looks sharp and timeless on you. A bespoke suit would be perfect in this case, but unlike in a formal wedding outfit, you want to concentrate less on the details and more on your overall look. If it’s a daytime wedding, tamed colors like midnight blue or light grey would be great. For an evening wedding, opt for a darker shade on your suit.

Choosing a shirt for your semi-formal wedding should be quite easy. The goal is to look definitively classic yet simple and relaxed. A plain soft-colored shirt (e.g. light blue) is ideal for a more laidback overall look while a plain white shirt will serve to add some official glamour.

Now for the delicate part – the shoes. To pin down a flawless semi-formal wedding wear, you need to choose your shoes right. A spruce pair of Loafers or Oxfords will do the trick. But for an even more upscale semi-formal look, velvet shoes would be the supreme choice.

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Casual Wedding Men’s Wear

First, let’s get one thing clear. Casual men’s wear doesn’t always mean rugged jeans and a pair of sneakers. While casual men’s wear in a wedding is not something you see every day, it’s a great compromise between comfort and class. Casual men’s wear is ideal for a beach or summer wedding. You want to go for a rather loose outfit and lightweight fabric. The goal is to keep the wedding theme elevated while maintaining a clean balance between simple and style.

By Burco2014 [CC BY-SA 4.0], from Wikimedia Commons

A simple blazer and some quality cotton trousers are a good place to start your casual wedding. For your shirt, plain button shirts and T-shirts are considered less casual and more informal. Instead, choose a classic shirt with enriched patterns to bump up your untailored style.

Polish off your overall look with a clean pair of loafers or monks. Again, remember to choose your colors wisely. Brown or navy blue suedes would be a great choice in this case. Keep it smart, simple, and concise.

Bonus points for the best wedding outfits for men

  • Dress to impress. As Antonio Centeno puts it, “Being well-dressed on your wedding day is a sign of respect, not just to your partner but to all the guests at the wedding.” Whether you opt for a formal wedding or a casual theme, remember to dress up the best you can.
  • A suit is the best option you have for any wedding event. It’s easy to play with the colors, accessories, and auxiliaries like the tie.
  • For a polished and confident look, choose a bespoke and fitting suit. Baggy clothes make you look overwhelmed and uncomfortable.
  • Elevate your style with simple accessories. For example, a leather-strapped wrist watch is a must have for any modern gentleman
  • Whatever you do, stay clear off overly colloquial attire – sneakers, flip-flops, shorts, and ripped outfits are considered too ‘boyish’ for a wedding.

Now, go and make your bride proud!

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