For two weeks now, I have been obsessing over the idea of a sexless world; a world where people lead simple and strange lives: like cartoons. In this highly sexualized world, this is probably the most deviant question you could ever ask anyone. For some reason, the typical human mind doesn’t like being perplexed. But still, I can’t help but think to myself…  What would the world really be like if there was no sex?

Think about it; No more flirting in the office, no more porn, no more sneaking behind the classroom at lunch break, no more hookers, and the list goes on. Sure, we’d have to invent new ways to fill the earth. But maybe that’s a good thing. At least we wouldn’t have to spend 3 hours trying to oust a single darn cell, and the guys with ‘bedroom issues’ wouldn’t feel so left out. Here we list some of the reasons why a world without sex isn’t such a bad idea.

Flirting wouldn’t have to be goal-oriented

Much as we all like to deny it, sex is a game. When you tell your friends, “Tonight I’m looking to score with Cynthia” or “Last night I hit the jackpot with Janet”, what are you really saying? For a long time, having sex has always been about winning the girl first. But what if there wasn’t any game in the first place? With sex out the picture, you could just be friends with anyone and leave it at that. No more creeping around women, no more staring at their boobs secretly, and for the ladies, you wouldn’t have to be ashamed just because you wore whopping panties during happy hour.

Of course, there would still be love and attraction because, well, we are humans and feelings define us. But relationships would never have to end just because people were unfaithful. Infidelity wouldn’t even be a thing. Love would be more authentic and this time, it would, in fact, come from the heart. No hidden physical intentions whatsoever.

People would spend more time making the world a better place

Now that we are assuming a sex-free world, think about how much you could accomplish if you didn’t have all those occasional sexual thoughts. Think about your crush who lives next door. Think about the hot blonde with the huge cleavage at work. Clearly, your dirty sexual mind is a huge distraction. But what if there was a better way?  You’d probably get more work done every day and you would be perfect at whatever you do. Now imagine that on a global scale. Without sex, people would prioritize better and be more productive in their jobs; the world would certainly be a better place.

Life would be more relaxed and everyone would be more cheery

The only reason we rarely hear of nude beaches is that we are so hung up on their sexual implications. If we lived in a sexless world, guys would probably walk around scratching their balls and the ladies wouldn’t even care. The prevailing sexual thoughts we all share make life more intense and strict. You have to watch how you dress in fear of being sexually objectified. And that sucks. Imagine a life with no borders on your sexuality. You could just get wasted in a party at night and wake up the next morning on your bed, with your lady parts still intact. Try doing that today and suddenly, you’re the hood bitch.

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Crime would reduce

Most of the crimes today revolve around sex. Rape, prostitution, pedophilia, brothels, drug cartels, and many more. If the world wasn’t so glued on its sexual disposition, none of these transgressions would exist. Girls would come home from school late without any fear and cops wouldn’t have to deal with wenches trafficking drugs. And on that note, prostitutes would have to find better jobs: dignified jobs. It would be nice to see some clean streets for a change, right?

People would save more money

Whether you realize it or not, you’re already spending too much money trying to get laid. That designer suit you bought last week, that trendy haircut you just got, that weird tattoo of your girlfriend on your chest… So many things would be totally unnecessary in my hypothetical sexless world. It’s true that sex makes us do crazy things, including buying things that we don’t really need.

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We want to be sexy, and being carnal is part of the package. But think about how much money you would save if you didn’t have to buy all that stuff in hopes of getting in bed with someone. By now, you’d probably have enough money to invest in that pool you’ve been on about since you were a kid.

Art and music would be more meaningful

If you look at the music industry today, you’ll realize that art is becoming less evocative by the day. Self-proclaimed artists are slowly killing the music rationale and unlike the old-school times, art is losing its taste. Instead of using things like music to send indispensable messages to the world, it’s now all about money and women. In a world where sex wasn’t so much in everybody’s mind, people would be somewhat neutral and art would certainly be used to serve its anticipated purpose: to nurture and educate.

In view of the fact that we have already had a taste of sex and the pleasurable feeling it brings, maybe a world without sex wouldn’t exactly that fun. Perhaps a compromise would make more sense. Maybe we could achieve all these things and still get to keep the sex. Just maybe.

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