Just like any other form of artwork, movies have a “sense” and a “meaning” (Joseph Campbell), and the two are often open to debate by the viewers. Scriptwriters love to play around with words and images, mix everything up and leave you all tangled in your own thoughts. Case and point, there’s always two sides of a story, sometimes even more. You just have to see them. In this list, we cover five of the most famous movies with hidden meanings that will blow your mind.

The Dark Knight and George Bush

First, let me admit that Christopher Nolan is a brainy fiction and scriptwriter. When I first watched the Dark Knight, I was so knocked for six that I actually had to watch it all over again. The Batman figure can be used to represent so many icons today, but my personal favorite is George Bush. And yes, I’ll say that again, George Bush.

When the Joker first appears in Gotham, he’s seen as a maniac who is only interested in “watching the world burn”. He uses his puppets to achieve all his malicious goals and for the most part, he succeeds. Hello, Osama Bin Laden. The Batman, being the protector of Gotham, is forced to go an extra mile to stop the Joker, who is by now on everybody’s lips. He requests Mr. Fox to build him extreme weaponry to stop the alleged terrorist and at some point pushes him to use the sonar technology to tap into people’s phones and allow him to triangulate the Joker’s location. Crime in the name of patriotism indeed.

The batman is later condemned by the people, who want him to step down because they feel that he is the source of all the chaos around. Well played Christopher Nolan.

Spiderman and Adolescence

Spiderman by CZMJ, on Flickr
Spiderman” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by CZMJ

Tobey Maguire is one of the movie stars who changed our entire childhood. When Spiderman hit the theatres, everybody was so excited, having seen a flyspeck peek of the trailer. And not so surprising, we all thought that it was just another epic superhero movie. But in reality, the movie’s true meaning runs deep. The Spiderman character, created by Stan Lee, serves to represent some of the challenges teenagers go through when they reach puberty.

Peter Parker, AKA Spiderman, is socially a ‘weirdo’ and when he gets a bite from a radioactive spider, he undergoes certain bodily changes that he finds hard to accept at first. The tension even builds up further when his crush, Mary Jane, starts to notice him and he starts to embrace his transformations in an attempt to impress her. The movie is clearly not just about a boy who loves to swing around on webs and fight monsters, but a teenager who learns to accept the changes he’s undergoing as an adolescent and make the most out of his abilities.

X-Men and Homosexuality

To any ordinary mind, the X-Men movies are just fictional stories about mutants with superpowers and stuff. But the civil war against discrimination is quite obvious. And this forms the backbone of the actual story behind the theme.

On the surface, the mutants struggle to be accepted into the society and seeing their scraps, Professor attempts to resuscitate them by opening a school and trying to connect with them so they can feel at home. This is, in truth, an accurate representation of the gay community and how they struggle with rejection from the social order.

By portraying them as mutants, the movie attempts to build hope to homosexuals by showing them that they are, in fact, brawnier and pungent members of the society too, even though nobody seems to see it.

Drag me to hell. The Eating Disorder Cell

Drag me to Hell is a horror movie about a woman, Christine, who is cursed by an old lady after refusing to process her loan request. Evil Spirits and demons start to torture her and eventually succeed in “dragging her to hell”. Looking deeper into the movie, it’s quite open that the demons only attack when she’s eating, and she sure loves to eat.

The actual plot of the movie tries to expose the dangers of being trapped in your own diet. It’s pretty straightforward that Christine has an eating disorder. She lies to people around her about her eating habits and at a point in the movie, a woman says that she can tell that Christine used to be fat. When the demons attack, they do so in a manner suggesting that they are only interested in haunting her dietary habits. She’s either vomiting or creatures are vomiting on her, a haunted scarf tries to force itself down her throat, she swallows a fly and then watches it fly out of her mouth again and she sometimes sees visions of a woman with damaged teeth… See?

The main point of the movie is to depict a girl who is suffering from an eating disorder and is now tormented by guilt and self-condemnation; what people like to call Bulimia

Extra-Terrestrial and Jesus

E.T is about an innocent alien who ends up stranded in the world and just wants to get home. Seeing that he is different, scientists attack the poor alien and attempt to perform tests on it to determine what makes it different. But the Extra-Terrestrial keeps cool and continues to be good to everyone around it.

Thinking about Jesus, the struggles He faced during his ministry on earth, and the events leading to his crucifixion, it makes perfect sense to relate the story of the E.T to His life. Eventually, the alien succeeds and finds its way back to space, which is pretty much what Jesus did when He rose from the dead. He ascended.

What movie did we leave on our list? Talk to us in the comment box below. Off to eat my popcorn now!

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