Now that texting has become a major trend, surprisingly even among parents, there’s no better time to explore the science behind it. Have you ever been so reflective while typing a text message that you end up checking with your friends to see if it’s appropriate to send? Truth be told, texting sometimes can be a big ordeal and every so often, we are held under pressure, trying to even-out speed and accuracy while texting. You want to reply fast because it makes you look sharp and engaged. But you also want to type the right message at the right time, with good punctuations and all.

In a post published by the Computers in Human Behavior journal, researchers discovered an interesting theory behind modern-day texting among couples and peers in interpersonal relationships.

“Findings highlight the importance of perceived similarity between romantic partners regarding texting behaviors for their level of satisfaction, even when taking into account the robust predictors of attachment anxiety and avoidance.”

Over time, there have been lots of chauvinistic ideas about what’s right and what’s wrong with regard to texting and all things considered, most of them hold some truth. Here are some of the thoughts and sentiments from different people about your texting habits.

The Text-Delaying Game

I find it extremely hilarious whenever people play the waiting game while texting. Basically, this is how it goes. I text you around 2.00Pm. You send your reply at 2.30Pm. That’s 30 minutes off. So I automatically make up my mind not to text you back at least until 30 minutes are over. It’s literally giving you a taste of your own medicine. Does this sound familiar?

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Nobody wants to seem awfully clingy and desperate. But let’s be real. Everybody has a life outside their phone. It’s true that slow texting kills the conversation, but doing it intentionally for such a petty reason is quite obnoxious. Nevertheless, it wouldn’t hurt to hint to your texting mate that you’ll be unavailable for some time so they don’t have to waste their time foolishly waiting for you to text back.


I like emojis, precisely, the moon face. I think it’s badass and sarcastic, and I’m sure most people do. For the ladies, using emojis while texting is cute. For the guys, emojis are simply funny, and probably another free tool to sound naughty when nature calls. By and large, emojis add some flavor to texting if used properly. But sometimes, they can be trivial and annoying. Too many emojis and emoticons make the entire chat appear immature.

Again, and I can’t stress this enough, emojis are not a replacement for text messages. So the next time you‘re about to send 50 heart emojis, think again. You may be in love, but sending many emoticons is not the way to prove it. Besides, we all know you only have one heart, so it’s really silly if you think about it.


By Amphiggins [CC BY-SA 3.0], from Wikimedia Commons
There are lots of split opinions when it comes to sexting. Is it sexy or just plain desperate? Do I send him nudes or not? I think it all depends on the type of relationship you are in with the person on the other side. If you connect perfectly and are both okay with doing it, then I’d say go for it. But then again, timing is key. So be keen to do it at the right time. Sometimes, sexting can be exceedingly sexy and if you play your cards right, it might just be a huge game changer to the way you relate to your partner. But do it wrong and things will just get weirder.

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Too much texting

Let’s face it. Girls love talking; perhaps too much. Texting is the perfect way to let things out. Guys, on the other hand, don’t really have a predisposition when it comes to texting. Whether we text or not, it’s totally fine. All things considered, though, there’s nothing like too much texting. It all depends on the two people involved and how they feel about it. If I live next door, we don’t have to keep in touch via the phone when I can just come over. Again, it may depend on the type o relationship you share.

Surveys have shown that guys are more active in texting when they are just at the onset of dating. This is the flirting phase where they get to enjoy the heated conversations. The girls, at this stage, prefer to remain reserved and text only a little. They don’t want to put everything out in the open at this point. But in later stages of the relationship, the tables turn and the girls grow into more clingy beings while the guys become withdrawn. It’s just social science, I suppose.

Texting is a great way to keep in touch with your family and friends and keep the communication between you and your lover solid. Nonetheless, while you’re at it, there are a few dos and don’ts that you probably need to know to avoid being too annoying.

First, don’t send one word or letter replies; like ‘K’. What the hell is ‘K’?

Stop texting at the movies. The theater is not dark for you to light it up with the bright screen on your phone.

Don’t apologize via a text, and if you have to, at least make an effort to do it again later, face to face.


for the ladies, it’s totally okay to text a guy first. Don’t just wait all day for him to text you first and then get mad when he doesn’t. We love being missed too!

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