It all starts with simple talks. You grow fond of each other. She likes hanging out with you and laughing at your jokes. Occasionally, you flirt with her and she flirts back. Your feelings grow stronger every day. She’s your crush and you can’t help wondering if she feels the same towards you. Days turn to weeks and weeks to months. Finally, you decide to make a move. But she hits you with a firm “let’s just be friends”. At this point, every man dies a little on the inside. It’s like taking a million tiny punches on your heart, not to mention your pride We’ve all been there; the depressing friend zone.

Ok, friendship is good, but it’s not what you want from your crush. The first thing you need to understand is, just like any other relationship, friendship is largely influenced by character and it’s always inclined to change. So there’s a great chance that you can craft that friend zone into a meaningful relationship, and these few simple steps will help you do just that. change the way she sees you and buzz off the friend zone.

Accept the Situation. Don’t fight it

A common mistake men make is trying to prove that they are better and worthy than the rest. While this is a good way to swank your confidence, you’ll probably just end up getting deeper into the friend zone. Stop trying too hard to get her attention. If she chose to keep you just as a friend, there’s a great chance that she had her own logic reason to do it. Keep calm and accept that you’re already there. This will help you focus more on improving yourself

Purport to improve

Change is part of growth. Though a friend zone is not necessarily born from bad behavior, it often is. So this would be the right time to start evaluating yourself, your habits and your attitude. Start keeping fit and acting mature. After all, you want her to see you as the ‘perfect guy’. So be the perfect guy indeed, not just for her, but for all other women. Improve to be the kind of person who everybody wants to associate with. This is the perfect way to prove your confidence. However, keep an open mind. Change because you want to, not because you want to impress her. For instance, if she likes bald guys, don’t shave bald just so she can notice you. Have your pride as a man and only focus on stuff you’re actually comfortable with.

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Spend time with her

Most men are annoyingly shallow. The second they realize that they are crawling into the friend zone, they give up and become distant, hoping that one day she’ll realize she made a terrible mistake and come back begging. This is what I like to call ‘being petty’. Every meaningful relationship starts from a simple friendship and grows into true love. So the moment she realizes that you’re avoiding her just because she’s not interested in a relationship with you, she’ll definitely get the impression that you are only bent on getting into her pants, and she’s probably right. You don’t want to be too obvious. So spend time with her. Be the friend she wants you to be. Make her laugh and keep things interesting. This will allow her to get to know you better. It’s also a great chance for you to accentuate your sexuality and leave room for lots of physical contact like hugs. The plan is to make her fall for you without even realizing it.

Make new friends and stay happy

Attraction is incomplete without a little jealousy. Spending time with her should not be a full-time job. Start hanging out with new people and having fun. Flirt with other women. Let her see what she’s missing out on. Women are generally attention seekers. So you need to make her crave for your attention by getting her extremely curious and a little jealous. At first, she’ll try to fight it and lie to herself that she’s okay with it. But with time, you’ll realize a change in her attitude towards you. She’ll probably ask you to hang out with her more and perhaps make simple suggestive gestures like punching you lustfully and giving you small pecks. These are all good signs. But keep calm, you’re not there yet.

Lastly, Get Sensual and Flirt casually

At this point, she has almost certainly put you somewhere special in her life. You already mean a lot to her, perhaps more than you think. Now begin the teasing phase. Pay her random and honest compliments. Tell her how beautiful she looks in white, and how much you love her perfume. But avoid overdoing it. Women recognize fake compliments from afar, so avoid sensitive remarks. Focus only on her beautiful side, at least for now. This will help her grow even fonder of you and enjoy your company. It’s a great way of showing how much you appreciate her.

As time goes by, start touching her casually, paying attention to how she responds to all your moves. Hold her hand during walks, offer to hug her during cold evenings and indifferently ask her to lie on your chest on that warm afternoon in the park. Above all, keep her engaged whenever you’re together. If she entertains all these moves, then you’ve successfully managed to change the way she sees and feels about you. So make your move. A good place to start would be kissing her ‘accidentally’, just to test the waters. If she’s by now into you, she’ll not mind that kiss. She’ll love it!

Nevertheless, if everything fails, then it’s time to fully accept that she’s just not ready to take your friendship to the next level. Someone once said that love is like a fart. If you force it, it’s probably shit. So keep things as natural as possible and let the romanticism take its own course.



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