Infidelity is not new to the world, and straight from the shoulder, it gets really depressing once you start to suspect that your partner is fooling around. But let’s talk about women. Being the banal beings they are, women cheat for two main reasons; she’s either not contented with the relationship or she’s just curious to try out a new adventure. Either way, if you’re keen enough, you’ll notice a change in the way she behaves around you. But before the paranoia haunts you and you start pointing fingers, read closely and these symptoms might help you confirm the worst. These are the clear signs that your girlfriend is cheating on you.

She’s had a Drastic makeover in her appearance

When they start dating, women try to look their best to impress the guys. Going for dates makes them feel sexy, and they damn know how to hone their looks. But once the dating phase ends, she gets comfortable. Instead of the sexy dresses and the cute makeup, she now spends her time at home in baggy pajamas and funny socks, eating popcorn, and that’s okay by the way. But the tricky part comes when she starts acting all sexy again. She’s now on the flashy dresses again, she leaves her hair hanging instead of tying it up in a cute pony like before, she gets some sexier underwear, she’s ‘accidentally’ leaving one extra button on her blouse undone, she’s changed her perfume, she’s wearing her make-up differently, etcetera etcetera. Women want to feel sexually appreciated and the easiest way to pull this off is to look… hot. So there’s probably another man in play, who now compliments her differently, and she’s trying to shell out the appreciation as much as possible by looking her best.

She picks fights with you every now and then


A cheating woman is a nagging woman. She tends to bring up imaginary problems in the relationship and even the slightest provocations fire up her eyes. Small issues turn problematic and she shows no tolerance towards you at all, and sometimes it could be true that she finds you overly annoying. But it could also be a way of justifying her cheating acts. Making it look like the relationship is not working makes her feel better about what she did. Again, and this one is straight from the men’s playbook, throwing allegations towards you keeps you distracted from ever suspecting anything. You spend more time processing the accusations and blaming yourself for being the bad one. A touché move against men indeed.

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She’s no longer making any effort

Women are naturally attention-seekers. She wants you to call her at 2 am in the morning and tell her you’re thinking of her. She wants you to hold her hand in public so everyone will know that she’s taken. She wants to take lead in your life and whenever she feels like she’s losing the wheel, she gets mad. But what happens when she stops caring that you didn’t call, or that you forgot her birthday? She’s no longer making any fuss about small but sensitive issues. These are clear indicators that she’s getting the attention elsewhere and you have a big reason to be worried.

The intimacy is gone

Unless you’ve been married for 50 years, sex is important in any healthy relationship. It binds the couple, both physically and intellectually. I mean, sure, the intimacy grows less and less over time, but if it’s totally dead, then something is not right. She starts to act more private about her sexuality, the kisses get colder and the bed is now just for sleeping. This is a candid sign that she is getting her jerks elsewhere or she’s into someone else altogether.

She has new strange friends

Every woman is a social butterfly and friends are important. She wants, or rather she ‘needs’ someone to hang out with on girls’ night out and discuss boys, and it’s only natural that she does it. In most cases, if she loves you, she will make an effort to introduce you to her circle of friends because she wants you to be part of her social life. However, if she’s messing around, she starts surrounding herself with new people that she doesn’t want you to find out about. You will, of course, notice the sudden change in her social circle and most likely, she will avoid any questions you ask about her strange friends. At this point, roll up some sour and start digging deeper.

She is now busy. Perhaps too busy

Whether she’s a manager at her firm or even the first lady, a woman in love will always create time to be with her man. So, is she still flattered by your surprise visits every now and then? Is she still as open with her schedule as she used to be? Are you still free to drop at her house for dinner? All these are questions that will help you assess your priority in her life. If she is doing everything to avoid being around you or she’s too busy for you, then all the excuses are probably just made up. She has a better chest to lie on.

Her eyes tell it all

Women can fake drama, they can fake love, they can fake attraction and Lord knows they can even fake orgasms; we’re talking huge flocks of fakers just flying around. But a woman’s eyes will always tell it all. The eyes are a doorway into the soul, and a cheating woman’s soul has guilty written all over. When you’re in public, her eyes will always seem distracted, probably scanning around and calculating the possible scenarios if her undercover lover just happens to show up coincidentally. She will always seem distracted and she will try as much as possible to avoid looking directly into your eyes and being as phony as she is, you’ll probably think that she’s just shy. But don’t be too wet behind the ears. There’s always a story behind every reaction you get from a woman. Her sincerity when she’s talking to you is written on her eyes, so take keen. But, of course, don’t center all your attention on just the eyes; it won’t work and it’s kinda creepy.

You’ve probably heard this enough already, and it gets really boring to hear it sometimes, but a strong relationship is built on trust and honesty. Take that away and it’s just too people sleeping together. So if you start to weigh the value of your relationship and find that all these signs add up, then this is a good time to talk to your partner and assuage your fears. Above all, follow your instincts. They are always right.



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