Gym class, like any other class, calls for appropriate wear. It’s not so much that you need to look good, but in the spirit of fitness and safety, you want to dress for the occasion. The last thing you want is to make everybody else in the gym uncomfortable because your dick print is all over your pants, and then end up with an itchy body because your clothes are too tight. Before going to the gym, take some time to choose some breathable and flexible outfit that will facilitate a solid workout

No worries though. With just a few basic tips, you can easily look good, and perhaps sexy too, while you gun down your body fat at the gym.

Wear a loose but apt, flexible shirt

Both men and women have pretty much the same options when it comes to gym tops, except, of course, bras and halter tops. As a man, you will look more functional while working out when you’re wearing a breathable and supple top. Most guys choose to go with ordinary cotton tee shirts, probably because they are more conventional and draw less attention.

What you really want, however, is the more modern polyester sweat-wicking shirts that are more flexible and comfortable. Since these shirts don’t breath freely like natural fibers, choose a loose but not flowing shirt. An A-frame tee shirt would be a great choice to show off your arms but if you prefer to stay modest, there are long-sleeved tank tops for men too. To give your body some extra ventilation, there are also male shirts with slits on the sides to allow your body to stay cool while you work out.

Go for long sweatpants rather than shorts

While shorts are ideal to give you a full range of motion while you work out, it is generally inappropriate for men to wear shorts in the gym. Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that we have huge lumps of muscles for thighs, and yeah, nobody wants to see those.  If you have to wear shorts, always go for longer styles that go up to the knee level. Again, choose fitting pants over baggy ones. Remember, people may be able to see up your shorts while you use machines like the leg press.

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Pick your footwear

Contrary to what you may think, sporty shoes are not always appropriate for the gym. Your footwear depends on the activities you engage in the gym. If you are running on the treadmill, for example, light and athletic shoes are a great choice. If you plan to lift weights, shoes will sufficient ankle support are more ideal. On the same note, cardio exercises call for footwear with ample feet protection. Catching on? I hope so.

For your socks, you want to go for just the right amount of fitting. Close-fitting socks constrict your blood vessels and slow down your blood circulation while too loose socks keep sliding down, which can be very annoying. Generally, cotton socks are most preferred and the height of the socks is entirely a matter of taste. Then again, high socks are good for taking up sweat while short socks give your legs more breathing space.

Bring a towel to your work out session

Unless you are Jade from the Hollywood Arts School, you will sweat in the gym – a lot. A soft clean towel will come in handy after you are done using a machine; believe me, nobody wants to drench in your sweat. You want to clean up any sweat you might have left on the machine to allow other users to use it comfortably after you. If you forgot to bring your own towel, most modern gyms provide clean towels for their members. All you have to do is ask.

Never take off your shirt

Some men swear by the act of working out shirtless, and in some gyms, it is perfectly normal to take off your shirt while exercising, while it is a good way to aerate your body after a heavy work out session, taking off your shirt is considered rude and narcissistic by most gym members. Some people are just not comfortable around your manly nipples. If you are uncertain whether it is inappropriate to work out shirtless in your gym, observe how other gym members work out or better yet check with the gym staff for clarification

Go easy on the accessories

The whole point of going to the gym is to exercise and keep your body fit. Some people, however, use the gym as a stage to show off their class. Accessorizing when working out is entirely normal, but going overboard with the tools may be considered an uncontained ego. Headbands, gloves, music players and any other accessories that can make your experience cozier are all allowed. The real objective, though, is to stay focused on your work out session – everything else is just secondary. Some gym experts have argued that most of the accessories used by gym members are completely unnecessary and just a waste of money!

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