Ah yes, the French Kiss – another hot topic on YouTube today. Liam Hemsworth is doing it on TV, lesbians are doing it on Reality shows, teenagers are doing it in college parties – well, I’m not quite sure about that last part. But hey, who doesn’t like the idea of a sensual tongue kiss? In all truth, the French kiss is a timeless and passionate gesture of romance and extreme eroticism.

So why is it that many people still don’t share the French kiss with their partners? Well, it could be argued as a mere act of indifference when it comes to intimacy, and it would make perfect sense. Some people just don’t like too much tongue – and that’s okay. But the real reason why most people avoid the French kiss is because they simply can’t do it right. Elementary as it may sound, kissing using the tongue is not just something you wake up good at. Like any other skill in the bedroom, it takes patience, kinkiness and a lot of practice.

In this step by step guide, we apprise how to French-kiss like a pro and save you from an awkward and embarrassing episode.

Getting ready

Nobody wants to kiss dry and pale lips. So first things first – make your lips as appealing as temptation itself. Soft, smooth and moist lips are ideal for French kissing. That said, there are a few simple hacks that will bid you just the right amount of sexy. For starters, drink enough water to keep your lips dehydrated. If you are in a pinch and there’s no time to get fancy, licking your lips will do the trick. Lip balm or gloss will also help to keep your lips soft and shiny for longer (For the guys, you did not hear this from me!)

Keep your breath French

Bad breath is certainly the number one killer of all things good in kissing. Nobody wants to roll their tongue against a stinking mouth. Believe me, its hell! Since this is a French kiss, there’s probably going to be a lot of tongue rubbing and saliva trading (it’s better than it sounds), so you want to maintain a good dental hygiene. Brush your teeth regularly and if possible, carry a pack of breath mints around. If you are out on a date, and you are waiting for the right time to drop your French kiss, avoid eating foods like garlic, milk, and coffee that leave a putrid aftertaste in your mouth.

Choosing the right moment

Timing makes a huge difference between a good kiss and an awkward lip-grazing trice. Privacy counts, no matter what they told you in high school. You want to be sure that your partner is comfortable, in a romantic mood and ready for the kiss. A good place to starts would be to isolate yourself from crowds, free from any possible interruptions. If you are coming from a date that went really well, your partner is almost certainly compelled to kiss you. So watch out for certain expressive hints. She may be looking at your lips, or locking eyes, or moving closer to you progressively.

Move in

At this point, the moment probably feels right for both of you. Time to go in for the approach. When moving in for the French kiss, you should do it slowly enough that your partner has enough time to say no, but fast enough that the moment doesn’t lose its spark. Gaze deeply into her eyes, then make several quick glances to their lips so they know you are about to make your move. The more intense your eyes look, the more you overwhelm your partner with an impulse to kiss you. Move your body towards theirs, slowly, till your heads are just a few inches apart. Moving in at a slow pace builds tension and anticipation. The slow approach also gives you enough time to adjust your heads to a kissable position as you draw in for the French kiss.

Test the waters

If this is the first time you are kissing your partner, a French kiss could be easily interpreted as “too much too soon”. But that doesn’t mean she won’t like it. You just have to do it right. To begin with, lightly brush your lips over hers. Again you want to keep your movements slow. Too many quick and light kisses will hardly build enough tension for a French kiss. So take your time. Open your mouth a little wider so she has complete access to your tongue. This invites your partner to taste more of you. Lock your lips against hers and gently sweep your tongue over her lower lip. By now, if she is already into the kiss, she will do the same.

Use your tongue to explore

Build more excitement and anticipation by keeping your tongue in motion and your touches light. Be as playful as you can – slide your tongue into her mouth and move around, touching and fondling. Remember to stay light and shallow – see how far she is willing to go, then follow suit.

Mix it up

The perfect French kiss is not all about tongue kissing. Creating an impeccable rhythm while throwing in some variety keeps things interesting. Up to this time, you have kept things slow, and that’s good. Now you can try speeding things up a little bit without intimidating your partner. This will leave her breathless for a brief moment, and that’s how you know the art is mastered. Try going in a little deeper periodically and shift back to shallow kisses when you want to keep things flirty.

Use your hands

Your hands are the perfect tool to connect you with your partner during a French kiss. Don’t just leave them dangling on the sides like a clumsy teenager. Whilst French kissing your partner, move your hands around gently while keeping it polite and respectful. Start from the hips and lightly work your way up to your partner’s back. Cuddle their cheeks and neck softly and occasionally go for a warm embrace to show them that you are comfortable.

Close your eyes

Kissing with your eyes open is not only platonic but also devious and a little creepy.  Your first instinct when you’re about to kiss someone is to close your eyes. Never fight that impulse. Before making contact with your partner’s lips, close your eyes and focus on the sensuality of the moment. When you pull apart from the kiss, you can open your eyes and smile.


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