How to Meet and Date a Celebrity

Glamour, glitz, luxury – everybody wants a taste of the Hollywood life, and dating a celebrity gets you through all these doors, no frets. As you can imagine, dating a celebrity can turn your life around and move you from zero to a hundred real quick. You earn respect from your friends, you get to bask in the spotlight and meet lots of influential people, and let’s not forget those VIP spots you get reserved for you everywhere you go – the opportunities are endless.

So if dating a celebrity is so appealing, why don’t most people do it? Well, some people believe that celebrities are out of their leagues and so they try to save themselves from rejection and embarrassment. Others just can’t handle the overstated attention that comes with the package. If the latter is you, then this article is not meant for you. But for the daredevils who are not afraid of a bunch of hungry Paparazzi looking for a story, here are some helpful tips on how to meet and date a celebrity.

Start from somewhere

For any up-and-coming endeavor to work, you must have a starting point. Social media would be a good place to start. You can learn a lot about your celebrity crush from her social media timeline feed. Twitter and Instagram are the leading online platforms for most celebrities. You will need to draw the celebrity’s attention by standing out from her ordinary fans. So get a nice HD profile photo and keep your account active. The more you participate in her online conversations, the closer you get to actually know her in person. Then again, be discreet in your tweets. The last thing you want is coming off as a needy and creepy groupie. Keep your tweets simple, friendly and flirty, and if you are lucky enough for her to reply, don’t make a big deal out of it. Play it cool

Be where the celebrities are

Unless the world is ending and there’s chaos everywhere, you will never run into Beyonce in your local bar, having a reunion party with the Destiny Child. Black complements black; Celebrities hang out in places that complement their celebrity lifestyle. So do the Math. To meet and date a celebrity, you should consider moving to where the celebrities are, and perhaps live there. This will go a long way to turning you into a familiar figure among other celebrities, and when you finally run into your celebrity crush at a pool party, it will be a whole lot easier to get past the small talk. Purpose to attend charity events and award shows to increase your chances of bumping into her, again. The more “accidental” encounters you make with her, the more confident you grow to ask her out.

Make yourself attractive to the celebrity

Celebrities are crazy about trends; more precisely, fashion trends. In fact, most female celebrities have cloth-line companies branded in their names. The Paparazzi are always looking to capture celebrity embarrassing moments and wardrobe malfunctions on camera. So these stars have no choice but to be fashion conscious. To date a celebrity, you will need to be sentient of your vogue too. Keep up with the trends in season, unless you want to be labeled as “So last year”.

Again, keep in mind that celebrities are human too. Just like other women, they have personal insecurities, family drama and they get sick too. So attract her the way you would attract any other woman by being a gentleman. Demonstrate self-confidence, intellect and above all, don’t act desperate.

Be in the right profession

Hanging around places where celebrities do is not enough. You need a way in, which is where your profession comes in. You will need a career that lands you jobs that put you in regular contact with celebrities. You can consider being a Lawyer (with celebrity clients), Journalist, Make-up artist, Publicist, Photographer or a Model. This way, you will have lots of chances to mix with celebrities, mingle and perhaps, catch the eye of your celebrity crush.

Become famous

Ever wondered why most celebrities only date other celebrities? Being such idolized icons, it’s easier to be comfortable and safer around people who understand the intense pulses entangled with being adored globally. Celebrities want to be with people who they can relate their lives to. So become awesome and grow your fan-base too. The best part is that, becoming a celebrity is not that hard – ask the Kardashians. All you have to do is become awesome at something that elevates you. You could become an athlete, you could make cover songs and promote them through YouTube, you could start a cool Vlog – and the list goes on. Just stay passionate about what you do – somebody will definitely notice your work and lead you to the spotlight

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