I’ll be honest with you. I’m not such a huge fan when it comes to male rompers. They are like these adult onesie Rubik’s cubes, especially when you have to pee. But that’s just me, and this is not about me.

That said, I was going through some comments on Reddit about male fashion and I finally understand what all this fuss about male rompers is about. My girlfriend thinks male rompers are the best thing to happen to men, and apparently, so do most guys on the internet. In fact, there is this pun on the trend; Brompers. I really laughed at that.

Back to those Reddit comments, I pulled together some interesting points on how guys really feel about rompers, and some of these arguments may change your mind.

Rompers are not gay

First of all, interpretation of looks is totally subjective. In case you didn’t know, there was a time pink used to be a girls-only color. But this is the 21st century. We can’t afford to be judging all the time. Wearing a romper as a man doesn’t make you gay any more than standing in a parking lot makes you a car. Gay men wear suits all the time. Truth be told, if you’re the kind of person who stereotypes others from superficial looks, then there’s no winning with you. You probably think suspenders are silly too.

What if I have to pee?

As I mentioned earlier, I have a problem with this too, or at least I did before I read those Reddit comments (sorry if you thought I was on your side, Lol). But let’s not forget that most rompers have a zipper in the front. Apparently, it’s not just mounted there to help you slip out of the onesie, but also to give you easy access to your weewee when you have to peepee. Don’t roll your eyes. I didn’t invent this thing!

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Real men wear whatever they want

I can’t stress this enough; Fashion is a choice, not a communal affair. I’m getting tired of all these men claiming that real men don’t wear rompers. A real man wears whatever he wants. It’s never about what others think about your sense of style, but how it makes you feel. The same way you can wear your hat backward, you can also slip into that romper and go for a run. The whole idea of being a real man is having many options, but going with the one that’s most seemly for you. A real man can fix his own sink, but hiring a plumber doesn’t make him any less a man. Sometimes, lifestyle is all about convenience. So don’t get mad when you see other men in rompers just because it threatens your ego.

So maybe male rompers are not such a bad idea. Away from fact that it feels like you’re wearing a dress, rompers are comfy, casual, and very affordable. Besides, it wouldn’t hurt to switch from your regular two-piece shirt and jeans for a day or two.

Damn, that subreddit sure changed my mind fast. Simply because I hate something doesn’t mean I can’t wear it. If you think about it, men who hate rompers don’t really have a valid reason to. It’s like that time in Friends when Joey asked Rachel if she had to slap one person in their group who she would, and she went all like,” Chandler… But I don’t know why.” Yeah, that was funny.




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