For those who don’t know what speed dating is, it’s the easiest and fastest way to meet lots of single women in just one evening. The event is usually held in a club or public place and the setting is rather simple. Basically, you have just a few minutes (typically 5-10) to make a lasting impression with every woman you interact with, so every second counts.

The women are seated at different tables and the men are supposed to rotate around the room having timed conversations with each woman until everyone has had a chance with each other. The term speed dating befits perfectly.

In the short time, you have to talk to each woman, every little detail that you would otherwise ignore counts. Body language, facial expressions, the way you button your shirt… Every small detail about you will most likely not go unnoticed by at least one woman. At the end of the speed dating event, the event organizers collect the scorecards from every participant and use them to match couples. The best part about speed dating is that nobody gets a direct rejection, and there’s nothing to lose.

Speed dating has become popular, especially among men who rarely have time to go out and meet women because they work long shifts. If you are striving to build up your confidence in approaching women, or just looking to start a new relationship fast, speed dating would also be ideal for you. So now let’s get to the juicy parts. I’ve put together some simple tips that will go a long way to ensuring you score a good lady at a speed dating event. Read on.

Dressing for the occasion

Most relationships experts will tell you that how you groom at a speed dating event doesn’t count, and to some extent, they are right. This is a casual event, and most of the women are in it for the fun. However, first impressions do matter. The first thing any woman will notice about you as you approach her table is your appearance. Women love a man who knows how to groom himself. Proper hygiene and a good cologne will play a big role in leaving a lasting impression. However, don’t overdo it. An expensive designer suit and a Rolex watch could be perceived as plain show off, and the only thing you will likely score is a gold-digger, if not a slap.

Have a unique sense of humor

When I say a unique sense of humor, I don’t mean the Chris Rock kind of jokes. Conversation flow is key. You will need to be creative and find hilarious comments relevant to the event to throw in. For example, you can say,

“My wife talked me into this just to see how many yes’s I can get tonight…”

Whatever you do, don’t memorize your lines. Just let the conversation flow organically. Again, try to remain as original and unique as possible. Don’t tell the same jokes to every woman in the room, and if you have to, do it in a different way.

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Be a good listener

Since this is a speed date, there’s not much time to engage in deep and long conversations. Avoid being too chatty and selfish. It’s called a dialogue, di for two, so don’t dominate the conversation entirely. Get her to talk about herself, and while she does it, give her your full attention. Even if the girl seated at the next table is more gorgeous, don’t get distracted. You will have a chance with her too. Instead, use body language to assure the woman that she has your full attention.

Don’t forget to have fun

This is not the time to be discussing politics or debating on how the Catholic Church is evil. Whatever topic comes up in the discourse, keep the conversation light and fun. For example, if she asks what you do for a living, and you’re a student, you can say,

“I’m currently working on my future…”

Sell yourself

You know how a magician shows you a trick with a deck of cards and leaves you with millions of questions in your head, wanting to see more? Do that, only this time using your charm. Keep her engaged and leave her wanting to know more about you. Introduce as many aspects of yourself as possible, then leave her hanging, wanting to know more. Remember to keep things casual; if she thinks you’re bragging, you’ve already lost.

Now go and conquer!

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