So you matched with this girl on Tinder a few weeks ago, and things have been going great. She’s hot, she gets your sense of humor and…what else could a man ask for? But now you are looking to sext your way into her racy, hidden erotic personality, perhaps through some clever repartee.

Well, the first thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a delicate subject, and as corny as you may be, you will have to remain discreet. It’s not so much that I think you can’t pull it off, but rather that you could easily end up in the blacklist if you don’t do it right. The last thing you want is coming off as a desperate pervert looking for mere sexual handouts.

Generally, there are no magic keywords to sexting. Most guys, however, will tell you that all you need is to build some kind of relationship with the girl and then ask for the nudes, and yes, it works sometimes. But perhaps there is a better way, a rather simple mindset.

A woman will not send you nudes just because you want them. In case haven’t noticed, guys are horny pigs. We all want to see her nude. The only reason you get nudes from a girl is because the idea of her turning you on turns her on. It’s the thought that counts. So basically the idea is to suggest that her body is quite alluring and it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to leak a pic or two. Personally I recommend letting the conversation arise organically with the girls who already seem into me, but I can see why some guys prefer to get the ball rolling by using the proactive “sext me” approach.

But let’s not forget that women are horny pigs too. If I had to, I’d bet you 80% of women today have some sexy nudes hidden somewhere in their phone or laptop. They want to feel sexy, and since most guys only give perverted compliments, it makes perfect sense to take self-shots and admire them in private. Nudes are an exhibitionistic form of self-lust and girls are no strangers to this logic.

There’s probably a lot going through your head right now so let me save you the trouble and give you some simple tips to asking that girl for nudes.

The Encouragement Teasers

The whole enthusiasm behind sexting is entirely based on teasing. Start off on a low note to test the waters and if she responds positively, then that’s the green light. If she doesn’t, then this trick won’t work. You want to compliment your way into her body. If you guys hang out a lot, you can start with something like,

“You looked beautiful today, and a little seductive too…”

“Really? Seductive why?”

“Well, I could see your pink bra right through your top…”

This immediately opens her mind to the fact that you were totally checking her out. Now you want to build up the conversation slowly. Be as descriptive as possible and let her organically get in the mood. As the chat escalates, you want to plant ideas into her head, while still keeping it casual. You can say something like,

“You ever sent someone nudes? I once did and they accidentally went to my mom. I think she was proud.”

Maintain your sense of humor and let her open up to you without even realizing she’s breaking down her walls. Of course it may take time, depending on how wild you can keep the conversation going and how interested she is in you but, it’s one of easiest ways to tease her into sending you nudes.

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Reverse Psychology


This is another clever way to ask for nudes from a girl you like, but it’s a bit tricky, so pay attention. Remember when I said girls want to feel sexy? Yeah, I wasn’t lying. First you want her to get comfortable in a simple conversation. If she is a close friend, she will probably start talking about something that happened to her at work or whatever. Take today for example, it’s very hot. So she will probably bitch about the weather (Lord knows we all want to). The reverse psychology trick depends on your ability to turn every conversation into something naughty then giving her an unexpected response.

“Omg it’s so hot today”

“Yeah, I bet your nipples are sweaty too”

“Haha oh yeah? Want a sneak peek?”

“No, I don’t want to get wet too Lol”

The goal is to imply a naughty arousal without coming off needy. This one time a friend of mine was complaining about her breasts being sore, so she asked if I wanted to see them. I said no (but we both know I wanted to), but she sent the pics anyway. There was nothing wrong with her breasts, she just wanted me to see them.

The No-Big-Deal game

One thing you need to know is that if you come off needy in a conversation, she will never send you those nudes, unless she is just “easy” like that. Rather than sending the plain and candid text, “send nudes”, opt for a devious way to imply that sending the nudes wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Just don’t make a big deal out of it.

The Classic Gentleman Game

This is what I like to call, the ultimate high road trick. The best part is, it works even on strangers. In essence, you want to portray such a high class and sense of value that the girl feels obligated to send you her nudes at the slightest provocation. It will take you more than a creative mind to get this to work. You will need to demonstrate a strong sense of manhood, attraction and comfort, so strong that the girl’s attraction to you grows into an obsession. Before you know it, her overwhelming urge to impress you will drive her to do something crazy, like send you those nudes. Sometimes, you don’t even have to ask for them.

The bottom line is, make her feel powerful in her own skin. Sure, some girls are more reserved than others. Respect these boundaries and keep your efforts reasonable. Appreciate her, with or without the nudes.

Now, it’s bragging time. I’ve received enough nudes to comfortably say that my virginity was stolen long before I first had sex, and most of them were volunteered. Not that I’m more handsome than you, and if I am, maybe by just a little bit. But, I probably spend more time trying to make the girls I bang feel bangable. Do that.

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