Relationships between young men and cougars are quite rare today and even the few that try to thrive hardly make it, probably because they weigh lightly against the status quo. While dating cougars sounds morally wrong, some men find older women really hot and sexy. The naïve guys, of course, are often just after the money. But smart and mature men take a step further and enter into serious relationships with older women; and here’s why.

Older women know exactly what they want

Many people buy into the idea that older women are desperate and sexually ‘needy’. I mean, sure, there are a few who fit into this category, but most cougars tend to be very picky. They have been around for quite a long time and they’ve pretty much tried everything. Old women have no time for games. She’ll directly make it clear whether she’s interested in a serious relationship or she’s just looking to have a good time. This is a huge relief for most men. In the bedroom, she knows exactly what stirs up her fetishes, and she doesn’t settle for less. So cougars are more open to sex discussions with their partners and in the process, the man takes pleasure in better sex and a more relaxed relationship.

She already has her life figured out

Older women are more stable and settled in life than younger women. I mean, she has her own house, a career, her own money and her own friends.  So they tend to be less clingy and dependent on the younger man, who is often still trying to stand on his own feet. With the pressure of having to take care of your partners taken away, it’s easy to compose yourself and focus on building your dreams. Occasionally, when things get rough, she’ll gladly step in to help and hold you down, and things could never be more romantic. Don’t even get me started on just how much sexy an independent woman can be!

She’s mature and knows how to hold her chill. No drama

Unlike your 23-year old girlfriend who keeps throwing shade at every woman she thinks you’re flirting with, an older woman can manage her feelings. She’s seen enough players, probably been with some too, to detect another asshole in the game. And when she does, don’t expect her to pick a fight or burn your house. She’ll just shake it off and move on. Older women don’t fight for attention, and drama isn’t exactly in their playbooks. Talk about women with class.

She doesn’t do peers

Everybody knows that all young women are part of a ‘herd’ somewhere; a small social group where they plan parties and discuss boys. On the contrary, older women don’t take part in petty groups and they certainly don’t need any approval from their ‘girlfriends’ on who to date or what dress to buy. They plan out their shit alone and only hang out with their friends to discuss constructive work; the perfect wife material indeed.

She knows how to treat a man

She probably had sex before you even had your first kiss. Older women have lots of experience in life, from broken relationships to, sometimes, failed marriages. She knows what works and what doesn’t, or at least for the most part. So her memories have shaped her into the perfect woman. Even then, she still recognizes her place and the need to let the man be in charge. She understands the importance of sex in a relationship and in bed, she knows how to work her body and tease to please. Unlike the naïve younger women, who mostly care about been pleasured and rarely understand men’s sexual penchants, older women actually know the right buttons to press on a man.

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She is confident with herself and she’ll gladly teach you stuff without making you feel small

Older women are very confident with their bodies. They have learned a lot and they readily do research on the things they haven’t yet grasped. She’s confident about the things she knows and she isn’t afraid to share them with you. She also knows when to be dominant and when to let you take charge. She knows when to set a romantic mood and when to be playful. All these are positive factors that will greatly contribute to the overall growth of your relationship.

Age is just a number, and more like beauty, it doesn’t define character. You’d be surprised to find yourself crazily infatuated by a cougar. Just know what you want and go for it. Don’t let your fears hold you back. And while you’re at it, take some time to learn about wine. Mature ladies dig that!

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