Men Open Up About Why They Prefer Having Sex With Ugly Women

There’s this funny theory that if a man has to cheat on his girlfriend, he should only do it with a hotter girl. But I’m sure you’ve also heard the cliché “Men will literally bang anything that moves” (which is very true by the way). I’ve heard lots of women complain about how their boyfriends left them for uglier women, and the question is always the same – “Why did he see in her? I’m way hotter than her. He can do better.” Well, maybe it’s true that you’re far much attractive than his new girlfriend, but most men have something different in mind. After talking to a few guys, here are our not-so-biased reasons why men prefer to have sex with ugly women.

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Sex does not have a face. Just cover the face and fire the base

Anybody who tells you about sex with emotion is a liar. At the end of the day, men only care about one thing, Ha! You guessed it, right? There’s nothing like second-class sex. Whether she’s beautiful or ugly, it still gets the job done. 90% of men will sleep with just any girl just to get their count up. Of course, I just made that number up, but I’m damn sure it’s somewhere close to that. Even the most honest guys have their limits. If things aren’t going exactly smooth at home, and another vulnerable girl happens to show up, ugly or not, he’ll definitely do it and save the regrets for later.

Jump-off situations are common among men and they just happen to involve unattractive women. It’s just a coincidence, and guys will rarely turn down such opportunities if it means getting laid.

Men feel safer around ugly women

The success of every relationship is highly determined by how the partners feel around each other. Hot women are generally too ‘demanding’ and somewhat needy. So men will often prefer to sleep with less attractive women simply because they feel that they don’t have to work too hard to impress them. They feel that they can be themselves around them.

Fortunately, most unattractive girls are conveniently sweet and apparently, good in bed too. I like to call it a balance of nature. Men want to feel accepted and important. As a result, they don’t mind fooling around with less attractive women, just to get their vibes high. After all, it’s not just about having sex. It’s about doing IT and enjoying it.

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Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

What the society considers ugly might be somebody else’s Apple Pie. It’s just like fish. While some people might love it, some just think it’s gross. It all comes down to a matter of taste. Personally, I like women with small breasts. It gets my ‘tinglings’ tingle. But the conventional image of a hot woman is huge boobs. See where I’m going with this? So women, never damage your confidence. Social approval and conditioning are not necessary. If a guy likes you, he just likes you, and you’ll always feel it naturally.

Having sex is tricky these days, and men are impatient

Contrary to what people think (especially aunts and uncles), teenagers rarely have sex. In fact, most guys only have sex at most twice a month, and they often have to work hard for it. Unlike women, men can’t just get laid whenever they want. Rich and handsome men, like celebrities, make this even harder. So it’s safe to say that the world is by large full of horny men, who will readily take advantage of any woman who seems easy. It’s purely a matter of getting to the end with as little effort as possible. Maybe Natural selection is not that dumb after all.

Love and sex are two different things. You’ll probably find this hard to believe by now but, I hardly find any woman “ugly”. Femininity is directly related to softness and kindness of the heart. The most attractive qualities lie in the heart. I’ve seen lots of one night stands turn into productive relationships. The important thing, perhaps, is to go with what works for you. Take it from a guy who is dating a cougar… No questions on this please, lol


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